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REFER A FRIEND - Earn $150 Amazon Gift Card

Apr 24, 2020 | By Kari Weinberger | 0 Comments

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Do you know someone who should be using CORE? We'd love an introduction!

Working from home has placed new demands and obstacles on all of us. Finding a better and more productive way to work is now a necessity. If you are a BQE CORE user, you already have found that transitioning where you work does not need to impact how you work.

At a time when remote access is a requirement, using a cloud based solution by CORE ensures sustainability and profitability. CORE has been built to include industry specific applications to ensure you have a business management solution that addresses your needs and works for you.

Core helps you efficiently manage people, projects, and profitability.

CORE is the professional services software for Architects, Engineers, Accountants, Lawyers, and Consultants that will not only serve your needs now, but through continual enhancements will be the product to serve your needs in the future.

If you have been using CORE, you already understand how it has helped your company and that it is designed to serve our new normal working environment. In a time we are all looking for the best solutions, you probably know a friend or colleague who could benefit from using CORE. 

Reach Out - Help Them - Make Some Money!

Just refer a qualified friend and once they attend a 35-40 minute demonstration with a BQE product specialist, you earn $150! What could be easier? Here is your personal referral link to send to a friend.

A qualified candidate* is:

  • A person you know who works for a professional services company that has 3 or more employees
  • A business decision maker or influencer, such as Owners, Principals, Managing Partners, C-level executives, or Departmental Managers. In essence anyone who can authorize or influence the purchase of CORE.

*Since this is such a great offer, we need to reserve the right to deem any referrals ineligible for the promotion in the event we receive submission for unqualified individuals. So BQE in its sole discretion reserves the right to invalidate a referral who we deem invalid.

Kari Weinberger
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Kari Weinberger

Kari Weinberger is Integrated Marketing Manager at BQE Software, developing and driving the company’s marketing strategies across all platforms. An outdoor running enthusiast, she’s completed 5 marathons and numerous trail races around the country.

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