Bob Wolff
CRM Aug 8, 2020

Basics for Client Relationship Management

By Bob Wolff

‘CRM’ is the abbreviation for ‘Client Relationship Management.’ Professional services firms require special features to nurture relationships with potential and existing clients.

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TOPICS: CRM, Client Relationship Management, Featured

Chelsea Williams
Budget Aug 6, 2020

Stop Putting Off Proper Budgeting

By Chelsea Williams

Before we start, let me be clear. If you do not have a budget that you review regularly, you’ve limited your potentialthis is a fact.

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TOPICS: Budget, Expenses, Cash Flow, Law Firms, Featured

David Banos
BQE Support Aug 5, 2020

Inside BQE Core Customer Support: What Are Customers Asking Us?

By David Banos

Lately, support requests have been all across the board. Topics have covered everything that can be done in each of our supported applications…..and some things that can't.

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TOPICS: BQE Support, Featured, BQE CORE

Melissa Glossup
Rates Aug 4, 2020

How to Calculate Varying Rates by Employee in BQE Core

By Melissa Glossup

Not every project, matter, or engagement will be billed out at the same rate. There are multiple variables that can be involved when setting rates for new jobs with a client. Or when the time frame extends over a..

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TOPICS: Rates, Featured, BQE CORE Users

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