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PCMagazine Named BQE CORE Best Billing and Invoicing Software for 2020

PCMagazine Named BQE CORE Best Billing and Invoicing Software for 2020

Jan 12, 2021 | By Tabitha Jean Naylor | 0 Comments

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Earning the designation of Editors' Choice by PCMagazine is no simple feat.  Yet BQE CORE was recently named “one of the best pieces of software for invoicing and billing,” by the technology news and reviews giant.  

This recognition stems from CORE’s intuitive features, which make life easier for business owners and their teams — especially those involved in service-based businesses such as architecture, engineering accounting, consulting and legal.  In its review, PCMagazine said of BQE CORE: 

“When it comes to invoicing operations, BQE CORE continues to do well. As you might expect with a project-oriented accounting system, invoicing is also project-oriented. [...] BQE has specialized in this area of invoicing for quite a long time, and the company knows its target segment well.”

Being able to manage your entire business in one place helps you — and others working in your company — to see the big picture when it comes to the overall financial health and operations of your business. From employee timesheets and cash flow tracking to ongoing project management and billing, BQE CORE streamlines processes so that you can make informed decisions quicker.

PCMagazine rated BQE 4.5/5 stars for its billing and invoice features, as well as ability to manage projects and track time.

More Than Billing

In compiling its list of the best software for invoicing and billing, PCMagazine looked beyond the basics of being able to send a bill or record a sales transaction. The ability to conveniently create a bill on the fly using a mobile app also played a role in the final rating, as did time tracking capabilities, both of which are built into the BQE CORE platform.


Because BQE CORE is cloud-based, your data can be accessed from any device at any time, and you can have peace of mind in knowing that this information will always be current. This is important if you or your staff are regularly out of the office, and need to send invoices or track time while on the go.

Cash Flow Tracking

Another important consideration in PCMagazine's final rating was the ability to view the cash flow of the business. CORE’s reporting features make tracking a business’s finances, as well as cash flow, effortless. These reports can also be scheduled and automatically emailed, so that the proper people stay in the loop with your business at all times.


It's not just financial reports that can be automated. You can also set up automatic billing according to the schedules and frequencies you prefer. This reduces cash flow issues, and ensures invoices are never sent late. This is an extremely powerful feature, especially for service-based businesses that keep clients on retainer.

What's more, the time-tracking features built into CORE are linked with your invoicing, so your clients are always billed the correct amount for your services.

Designed for Service-Based Businesses

While BQE CORE serves a wide variety of industries, the platform was designed specifically for service-based businesses that work with multiple clients across a number of projects. Architects, engineers, accountants, law firms and many other business types benefit from the way this cloud-based software is structured. 

CORE's project-management features are particularly helpful in connecting teams, budgets, and schedules with wider pieces of work. And by having such a granular view of each project, it’s easy to make decisions on next steps when moving forward.

PCMagazine's review of BQE CORE ended by saying: 

“As a software suite, its collection of modules and functionality is dynamite. [...] BQE CORE is definitely worthy of a trial, regardless of which use case you need.”

Interested in testing out some of these features yourself?  If so, start your free 15-day trial here

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