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5 Reasons Why You Need to Attend the ABA Techshow 2021

5 Reasons Why You Need to Attend the ABA TechShow 2021

Mar 3, 2021 | By Tabitha Jean Naylor | 0 Comments

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Technology is quickly becoming a large part of the modern law firm. It probably takes only a short look around yours to recognize how tech is likely influencing every action of your business in some way. As such, it’s imperative that you stay up to date with the latest tech and innovative ideas. At the end of the day, however, we know that’s easier said than done.  

Fortunately, the ABA Techshow can help. This conference brings together legal professionals armed with diverse experiences and backgrounds to examine – and share – the best technologies for your practice. 

This year, the ABA Techshow will be held virtually from March 8-12, and we hope to see you there!  Here are five reasons why. 

1. You’ll Stay on Top of Trends

Technology is developing at a rapid pace, and the ABA Techshow shows you what’s new, how to use it, and where trends are headed. Not only is this a fantastic way to stay on top of what’s going on in the industry, but you might also find some interesting technology to drive your business forward.  Areas of focus include fintech, planning, productivity, and more. 

The conference will close with a fast-paced session called “60 in 60,” which combines the best of other popular sessions: “60 Sites,” “60 Tips,” and “Gadgets and Gizmos.” This final session is fast-paced and will highlight some of the best tips, tricks, and recommendations from the conference, so it’s definitely a must-watch. 

2. It’s Easier Than Ever to Attend 

While pandemic restrictions have led to many difficulties over the last year, an opportunity for convenience has also arisen. The conference moving to an online-only format is the perfect example of this: attendees don’t need to travel to Chicago, the typical home of the conference, and can instead just attend from their home or office.  

For some professionals, this online transition is unlocking new access and opportunities for attending industry events like this one. If you’ve always wanted to experience ABA Techshow, but have never managed to work out the logistics, this is your best chance yet! Plus, there’s no extra traveling expenses involved.  

3. You Might Get Ahead of Your Competition

Cutting-edge technology will elevate your firm above the competition by enabling you to create new processes, become more efficient, and even find new ways of streamlining your business and increasing revenue. The ABA Techshow focuses on connecting firms to this technology.  

One example of this is the annual Startup Alley competition, which will showcase legal innovators and their companies. Through Startup Alley, you could be one of the first adopters of technology that changes the way the legal industry operates by working directly with innovators and their ideas. You might find the missing piece to your firm – one you didn’t even know you needed! 

4. There Will Be Plenty of Online Networking

Attending the 2021 ABA Techshow will digitally connect you to vendors who can introduce you to – and help you implement – new technology in your firm. This is performed through digital social sessions, which connect you to not only different vendors, but also fellow legal professionals and other attendees.  

One of the best networking events is the expo, where many different tech companies will be working from virtual booths. This is a great opportunity to hear about what services they offer while keeping your firm’s future in mind. We have a boot there, so be sure to drop in and learn more about CORE Legal. 

The online networking aspect of the conference rings apparent in the 2021 theme: “Technically Together.” This theme is intended to foster a strong sense of community during the six days this event will be taking place. 

As you know from your experience in the industry, the more connections you can make, and the more innovated companies you come across, the better it will be for both you and your firm. While an online conference could lose the focus on the social-networking, ABA is actively flipping the script on this by recognizing that sharing ideas and connections is a catalyst for growth. As such, the conference organizers are encouraging that attendees socialize in groups, which will help to expand your network like never before.  

5. Earn CLE’s in a Short Period of Time 

The ABA Techshow includes ample opportunity to earn CLE’s in a variety of program offerings. This means lots of education packed into a short amount of time. 

If you want to earn CLEs while also learning from the experts at BQE, be sure to attend the “Legal Accounting Strategies to Streamline Your Firm Operations and Increase Your Profitability” on March 10 at 2:45 EST. This session will cover best operations management options for your firm, as well as innovative accounting procedures that can assist. 

Want to Attend? BQE Can Help! 

Attending the conference is one of the best ways to connect with the latest innovations and the minds behind the ideas, along with others in the industry with the same ambitions as you. In other words, attending the ABA Techshow is an investment in yourself and your firm, of which you should take full advantage.  

To help make that even easier, BQE has a special promotional code for you: BQE21. Just enter it during the registration process at to take advantage of a special offer up to $55 off your conference registration  

Enjoy the conference, make connections, and let 2021 be the brighter year for your firm yet! 


Tabitha Jean Naylor
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Tabitha Jean Naylor

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