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Litigation Insights Ditches “Overly Complicated” Time and Billing System for Modern Functionality of BillQuick Legal

About Litigation Insights

Litigation Insights, a national, certified women-owned company, helps its clients prepare their best cases. The team understands the challenges of finding the key issues in a legal case, developing themes around them and communicating them with clarity and precision. With clients including 43 Fortune 500 companies and dozens of firms in the AmLaw 100, the company offers pre-trial, trial and post-trial services. Learn more by visiting


Litigation Insights helps its Fortune 500 and Am Law 100 clients develop and present important stories that put their best cases forward.

As Susan Harris, director of finance and administration for Litigation Insights, shares: “We work with attorneys to help them create the strategy and theme of their cases. The process can include using focus groups, testing different approaches, mock trials, witness preparation and jury selection. We also help with graphics, timelines, 3-D animations and PowerPoint presentations.”

Litigation Insights, based in Overland Park, Kansas, includes 35 timekeepers that are always traveling across the nation and need to be able to accurately account for their time. However, the company’s time and billing system couldn’t live up to the task.

Harris, who oversees the company’s accounting, human resources, IT and operations, explains: “We had Solomon (now Microsoft Dynamics SL) and the system was overly complicated and very hard to customize. We were locked into using a third-party consultant every time we wanted to customize a report or even change most of the parameters. The IT consultants were basically on our payroll. It was expensive. It was difficult to track anything since so much code was involved. The timekeepers often couldn’t get into the system to enter time since it would lock up. When they did get into it, often the system would lose their entries. When a consultant is wasting time on time entries, that isn’t a good thing.”

As a consulting firm that counts on its hourly billing to fuel its financial performance, mistakes of this magnitude could impact the company’s bottom line. The company made the decision in the fall of 2012 to implement a new time and billing system.

Searching for the Right Time and Billing Solution

When looking for a new time and billing solution, Harris had a wish list of features to guide her decision-making process.

“I spent a lot of time up front identifying what the company needed from the point of the view of the timekeepers, project managers and owners,” comments Harris. “First, the new solution had to be web-based and easy to use for the timekeepers. Second, I wanted flexibility when it came to reporting so that I could customize a report without having to rely on IT consultants. Third, we needed to be able to add new projects and bill on the fly. Fourth, a majority of our expenses come from AMEX. The ideal time and billing solution had to be able to tie into that to get expenses to billing. Finally, our invoices are highly customized and we needed to be able to easily change the wording on them. With the former system, we had to practically free-hand our invoices in Word. It wasn’t efficient.”

Harris evaluated several solutions but most didn’t fit the bill.

“Most of them seemed more complicated than what we needed or were way too simple,” she shares.

Discovering BillQuick Legal from BQE Software

Then Harris found BillQuick Legal.

“First off, BillQuick Legal was very simple,” Harris reveals. “It was easy for timekeepers to use and for the accounting staff to learn. It’s very intuitive on how it is set up. We can customize our views on what we need to see most often. It’s web-based and we can download an app for mobile phones and tablets. Consultants can also customize their time entry screens so they can view activities and projects they use most often and not go through an extensive list of options.”

Harris was impressed by the caliber of knowledge offered by the BillQuick Legal sales team.

“I appreciated the care the sales team took in explaining the product. They didn’t spend a lot of time selling us on features that weren’t important to us,” she explains. “BillQuick Legal had everything we were looking for.”

After evaluating BillQuick Legal, Litigation Insight moved forward with adopting the technology in 2012.

“The implementation went very smoothly. The BillQuick Legal team did a lot of homework up front. We had a BillQuick Legal consultant on-site during the final week of our conversion who did a very thorough job of creating backups and reconciling information. Everyone we worked with was knowledgeable and you could tell they wanted this to go well for the firm. The BillQuick Legal team did everything they could to make sure we got what we needed,” shares Harris.

The Benefits of a Modern Time and Billing Solution

Since implementing BillQuick Legal in November of 2012, Litigation Insights has reaped many benefits from the solution.

“First of all, there are no third-party consultants on the payroll, which has saved the company about $500 a month,” comments Harris. From 2012 to 2016, that savings would amount to roughly $24,000.

The benefits of BillQuick Legal extend beyond hard dollar savings, however.

“Our consultants can now get their time in more efficiently and billing is much easier. The history of our transactions is much simpler to track. If someone wants to know about a job in 2010, it only takes a couple of clicks to pull up that information. In the past, we’d have to turn to the third-party IT company to get that information. The month-end process now is very simple. Before, it would take weeks to pull reports from Solomon. Now, we pull a report in minutes and send it to our outside accounting firm. We have financial statements back in five days. We can also get the bills out much more quickly,” explains Harris.

The reporting capabilities of BillQuick Legal have helped the company gather a more in-depth picture of their financial activities.

“We can track business across service lines. A large part of management discussions revolve around marketing because that brings in revenue. It’s helpful to know what the sources of our business are and which clients are using multiple service lines,” says Harris.

The consultants approve of the new technology as well.

“Everyone can access BillQuick Legal and quickly capture and record their time, even from their mobile devices. We have one consultant who usually has about six jobs open at once on the timers. He bounces back and forth between timers and it works very well for him,” she shares.

The BillQuick Legal service team has proven helpful.

“The technical support on our previous system was horrible. They didn’t understand what they were talking about because of extensive customizations. If we happen to need technical support the BillQuick Legal team is always available. I rarely have to wait. Sometimes our timekeepers even call them directly. The support team is very helpful,” says Harris.

When asked if she would recommend BillQuick Legal, Harris doesn’t hesitate: “Yes. It’s a solid product with great support and priced reasonably.”

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