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Enhanced Accounting Features in BillQuick Online and Web Suite

Exciting news! We recently updated BillQuick Online and Web Suite to include the powerful accounting features found in BillQuick. Now, you can track credit card purchases, transfer funds, reconcile accounts and more on the cloud. Here is a list of all the new and enhanced accounts payable features we’ve added:

  • Track credit card purchases and refunds - The Credit Card Purchase/Refund screen allows you to record credit card transactions and view previous transactions. It enables you to record a credit card purchase from and issue a refund to clients, employees or vendors.
  • Transfer funds between balance sheet accounts - BillQuick Online/Web Suite allows you to transfer funds between balance sheet accounts such as bank accounts (checking and saving). The bottom line of the balance sheet remains the same because BillQuick Online/Web Suite debits the receiving bank account (receiver) and credits the sending bank account (giver) with the same amount.
  • Record vendor credits - If you receive a credit or an advance from a vendor, you must record it in BillQuick Online/Web Suite. You can then apply it against an open bill to reduce the pay amount or save it for the next order.
  • Record general journal entries - The General Journal screen allows you to record general journal entries or edit transactions recorded in your accounts.
  • View account details and enter transactions via Registers - You can use a register to view all account transactions and their details; enter transactions like writing checks, paying bills, making deposits, etc.; and maintain accounts like making adjustments, voiding transactions, reconciling bank accounts and so on.
  • Reconcile accounts with bank statements - BillQuick Online/Web Suite provides an easy reconciliation feature to balance your accounts with your bank statements. You can quickly enter information from your statement, clear your checks and deposits, and print a report when you have successfully reconciled.
  • Memorize your bills and checks - BillQuick Online/Web Suite gives you the flexibility of memorizing bills and checks with user-defined frequency and schedule.

To learn about BillQuick desktop vs. BillQuick Online vs. Web Suite, check out this informative comparison chart.