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3 Reasons to Upgrade to ArchiOffice Mobile App 2016

If you’re an architect who is always out of the office and needs to enter time and expenses on-the-go, then the ArchiOffice Mobile app is perfect for you. The latest version of the mobile app is extremely flexible and works across the major platforms: iPhone and Android Device. It has three new features designed to help you work as efficiently as possible:

  1. Helpful Recently Used List – You now have the ability to select from the most recently used projects, activity and expense codes at the top of their respective lists. This will save you the hassle of searching for them in an extensive list.
  2. Red Flag for Un-synced Time and Expense – A red flag appears when there are time and expenses not synced to the server. This visual cue will save you the trouble of checking each entry to find out which has not been synced and if information has been lost.
  3. Special Passwords – ArchiOffice Mobile app now allows you to use special characters (*&%) in your passwords for extra security.

With these new time-saving and security features, the 2016 ArchiOffice Mobile app is a powerful tool for time and expense tracking. Check out the slideshow below for screenshots.

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