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Attachment and Memo Indicator for Simple Timesheet in BillQuick

There are many features in BillQuick that will save you time, and keep the project running smoothly if these features are used. One of the things that will stop a project in its tracks is when someone in the project is not able to figure out what is going on. The more we use features to answer that basic question regarding any and all stages of the project, the more smoothly it will run.

Two of the many features we offer are the attachment and memo indicators in the Simple Timesheet in BillQuick.

The fact that one can attach something, and write a memo is a powerful feature that lets you, let others know what they need to do. If I enter time on a project, and I want the reviewer to know the details of what I did, this is the perfect place and way to do it. Then the reviewer doesn’t have to track me down, or look somewhere else to find out.

Watch the video and post any comments or questions below.