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Using Trello for My Blog Post Ideas

As an avid blogger and video maker or video blogger, I have been tasked with how to keep track of my ideas. This is not just for me though. Anyone looking to grow their business in today’s world needs to consider that one of the most important ways to do this is to find your voice and use it. Share your ideas and knowledge in your areas of expertise and you will attract people who are interested in those topics. Then they will either become clients, or refer people who will become clients, or both.

Growing your business with blogs and social media means that like me, you will need a way to keep track of the ideas you want to write about. I can be in a meeting with someone and they say something that gives me an idea about something to write about. I need a convenient and very quick way to get that idea down so I don’t forget it in the moment. Then, I need to be able to go back later and nurture the idea. I have to decide if I want to actually do it, and then commence the work. I’ve looked at many ways of doing this. I used Evernote for years, but now I am settled in on using Trello for my blog post ideas.

The Trello mobile app is great. When I get a fleeting thought, I can quickly pull up my blog post ideas board on Trello and add a card. Then later, I can open Trello up on my browser and it’s there. No syncing. I’ve lost notes in Evernote due to syncing and conflicts. I have literally watched notes in Evernote evaporate into thin air during the syncing process. This doesn’t happen with Trello. I add the note and it’s just there because everything lives on the web. No sync, no conflicts, no evaporating important ideas into thin air. This is why I am now using Trello for my blog post ideas.

By using Trello for my blog post ideas, I can also track the ideas as well as the workflow, once an idea begins to move into reality and ultimately get published. Take a look at how I’m now using Trello for my blog post ideas in the video and post your comments, questions, and ideas below!