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No Other Time and Billing Software Compares to BillQuick

Jul 31, 2014 | By Jenny Ouyang | 0 Comments

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Haukaas Fish PLLC is a law firm located in downtown Minneapolis, specializing in Intellectual Property Law. They provide a wide range of Intellectual Property Services in a number of advanced technical areas. Their areas of technical expertise include: drug formulations and delivery systems, small molecule drugs, bio-fuels, polymers and coatings, nanotechnology, wireless communications, video/audio encoding, medical devices, software, information technology and integrated circuits.

Both of the founding partners had previously used the Timeslips program at other firms and thought it would be a good fit for their own. However, as they soon found out, Timeslips technology is outdated and lacks sophistication. Its limitations include performance issues, data corruption, and other technical difficulties. For this small, 5-person firm, Timeslips caused nothing but headaches. It was frustrating to manually track budgets by client matter and use third-party systems to review paper invoices. They desperately wanted a simple time and billing solution that would allow them to capture all billable hours and increase cash flow. They also wanted a scalable solution that would meet their current as well as future needs.

Within a few days of installation, Haukaas Fish PLLC seamlessly transferred their data and information to BillQuick and never looked back. “Timeslips is antiquated compared to BillQuick”, said Jamieson W. Fish, President of Haukaas Fish PLLC. “BillQuick is by far, the most intuitive time entry software that I have used. It is the only software solution that will meet our current needs and foreseeable needs in the future. I can’t imagine trying to monitor and track billings of multiple associates using any other solution”.

Since implementing BillQuick, Haukaas Fish has saved dozens of man hours creating invoices and billing clients. “Our invoicing process is much more efficient now”, explained Jamieson Fish. “Also, forecasting and cash flow management is much easier with BillQuick. The Invoice Review feature is invaluable for monitoring cash flow. I also like the powerful reports for showing me the important matter financials”. Most importantly, the firm never has to deal with clogged portals and technical errors found in Timeslips.

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