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ArchiOffice for Dummies

When we get a new application or some new tech, most of us want to jump in and start using it right away. This is doable with consumer-based products like Microsoft Word, iTunes, Amazon Kindle or even Photoshop. But with more enterprise level applications, there’s a higher learning curve and getting started takes more time, effort and patience. And if you make mistakes, it can cost you.

ArchiOffice falls into the latter category of enterprise applications. And even though it was designed for architects, it can take a while to figure out how to set up ArchiOffice to fit the unique needs of your firm and start getting control of your projects.

When ArchiOffice is set up to suit your particular practice needs, it ensures that your data is always correct. If you set things up incorrectly, you risk working with missing or inaccurate project details which are detrimental to your bottom line. To avoid this, it’s helpful to get some straight forward instructions to help you get up and running with ArchiOffice, correctly.

Pam McGinty, a Senior Trainer at BQE Software, will be hosting an ArchiOffice 101 webinar this Thursday, January 10, which covers information you need to get started with ArchiOffice. In no-nonsense terms, Pam will teach you the basics of setting up and customizing ArchiOffice so your firm has the best possible experience and gets the best results.

Pam’s logged many hours talking with architecture firm managers and owners to help them get started with ArchiOffice. She knows how to get the most out of ArchiOffice.

The free webinar is 45-minute long. It will be followed by a Q&A session during which you can pick Pam’s brain and glean some additional tips and advice.

The webinar is great for ArchiOffice newbies and for current users who need a quick review of the basics. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get stricter control over your data
  • Establish key ArchiOffice default settings
  • Use settings to improve project tracking
  • Use templates to expedite getting started with projects

Click here for additional details and to register for the webinar.