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What’s Better Than Improving Your Work Efficiency? Only Winning an iPad For It!

Craig Vaughn’s architecture firm, Fusch Architects, was fighting an uphill battle of inefficiency when it came to billing. They were designing complex structures yet struggling with drafting simple invoices. Something had to give.

Frustrated, they decided to give ArchiOffice a try. They were thrilled to discover that by implementing ArchiOffice, they were able to select projects and generate batches of invoices in just seconds. The days of generating invoices in QuickBooks and reformatting them in a word processor were quickly becoming just a memory.

Using ArchiOffice, Fusch knew their project budget reports were automatically accurate—current to the last time slip entered. Any architect knows: the last thing you want to be unclear on is how you’re stacking up against the budget, and the last thing you want to be behind on is getting paid. As Craig professes, “ArchiOffice is the all-in-one solution for architectural firms: managing time entry, billing, project budgeting, reporting, documents, and team calendars and workflow.” Thanks Craig! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Now that Craig has more free time on his hands, he can enjoy fiddling around with the free iPad BQE Software is sending him for winning our “Facebook Like” Contest. Congratulations Craig—Enjoy!!

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