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Projects, Gantt and Email, Oh My!

For several years BillQuick customers have easily assigned tasks and expected hours-to-complete to employees and sub-consultants. This is called Allocate Hours. We’ve kicked it up a couple notches based on the your feedback.

BillQuick Allocate Hours

Project allocations can be viewed as a schedule or a Gantt chart. The chart can be turned on and off. When you change the start or end date for a task, the bar in the chart expands or contracts. You can also drag the end of a bar to change a date.

When you view allocated hours for tasks by project, the time period required for all assigned tasks and for each task spread out before you in the Gantt chart. Similarly, when you view by employee, the allocation schedule shows the projects and tasks assigned to the employee. The Gantt chart shows the time period for the project and for the employee’s assigned tasks.

BillQuick Allocate Hours MenuAnother new feature is the option to email employees and sub-consultants their assigned tasks and allocated hours. You simply select rows that contain the tasks for one employee or multiple employees. When you click Send Allocation via Email, BillQuick uses the email address for each employee to deliver the information.

Recommendation: As before, users can see remaining hours for their project allocations as they enter their time. If you find they are missing the Remaining Hours information, or managers need to know remaining hours for their projects, consider automating delivery of Allocated vs. Spent reports using Agent.

Allocated Hours is available in the BillQuick Pro and Enterprise Editions.


Bob Wolff

Bob Wolff is an accountant-turned-Channel Manager at BQE Software who helps to offer consulting and software solutions for BQE customers. He likes to share his business expertise here on the blog whenever he can.


  1. I wonder if you are looking into adding Gantt charts to ArchiOffice. It would be great if we could use our budget and scheduling information to create a Gantt chart, especially if we could look at multiple projects on one chart.

    •' Steven Burns, FAIA Reply to Steven


      We agree Gantt charts would be extremely valuable in ArchiOffice and this year we released it first with BillQiuck 2012. But we are planning to include this in a future release of ArchiOffice since so many users know how helpful it is.

  2. how do you print the Gannt Chart?

  3. How do i view the Gantt chart? I dont have the Gantt view in the tools menu. I have version

    • The Gannt chart is a new feature added to Allocate Hours in the BillQuick 2012 Pro and Enterprise Editions. Version is the BillQuick 2011 software. If you do not have a BQE GoldCare or BQE SilverCare Plan (maintenance), you need to upgrade to BillQuick 2012. While you consider that, also take a look at Project Center and Collection Center to see if the 2012 Enterprise Edition features provide benefits you want.

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