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Project Management

Favorite Project Management Tips

For the best project management tips, BQE recommends setting clear goals and using the right tools to manage your project.

Project management can be overwhelming as you work on managing a team, their workflow, and meeting objectives. At BQE, we want to ensure that you keep your projects on schedule and under budget. Let’s look at a few of our favorite project management tips to help you get started.  

Define Project Scope 

A top favorite project management tip (because it’s so important!) is to define your project’s scope. This means you’ll define its deliverables. If it’s not clearly defined, then scope creep can happen due to ongoing changes. This can cause projects to go over budget and even miss deadlines.  

To define project scope, you want to work on a project statement that also defines the budget and time involved. It should list the project objectives, deliverables, milestones, goals, resource requirements, issues/potential risks, and limits.  

Set Clear Goals 

Once you have your scope mapped out, you want to set the right goals and milestones to complete the projects and manage your client’s expectations. To do this, you want to understand the overall mission before you start working on various tasks involved. This helps keep everyone on track toward the same goals. Without a set of clear goals, your project will be all over the place and your team won’t be aligned.  

To help you reach these goals, use project management software so you can gain real-time insight into your milestones and progress so far.  

Regular Communication 

Errors in project management can happen. However, with regular communication many of them can be prevented. To ensure smooth project management, you want to hold regular meetings with your team to make sure everyone is on track with the deliverables and deadlines. This is also a good time to let the team share any ideas or concerns.  

Another way to keep communication going with your team is to send out regular reports. This is also helpful for clients, so they are aware of any changes or new developments and are never left surprised.  

Get Rid of Excess Software 

If you’re using separate tools for project management, this can get very messy. Why would you want to waste time managing multiple software platforms while you’re trying to manage a project? This would only add to your workload.  

Instead, use an all-in-one project management tool that offers everything you need on one platform. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re not spending time trying to convert information from platform to platform or losing track of where everything is. A project management platform will include such useful tools as file sharing, team messaging, time tracking, and other necessary features.  

Choose Your Team Wisely 

The power of a good team is important. A good team impacts how smoothly your project is executed and delivered. To create a strong team, focus on the skill sets of the teammates you bring onto the project. Go beyond certifications and look at how they work collaboratively and in a supportive environment. This will lead to even greater project outcomes.  

Use the Right Tools 

We talked about using one tool that combines everything you need on one platform. Now let’s talk about ensuring that you use the right tools. When you have the right project management software everyone will see what needs to be done and nothing can go missing.  

Choose software that includes important tools such as time and expense tracking, accounting, billing and invoicing, and HR features. You want one that can do everything for you on an all-in-one dashboard so all your projects' important information is kept together.  

It’s also important to choose software that is easy to use, and your team enjoys using. If they don’t like the software, or have a hard time using it, then it won’t be of any use to your project management goals.  

Project Management Tips from BQE 

BQE CORE is an all-in-one dashboard that provides firm management software for the A/E and professional services industries. Our software is easy to use and easy to implement thanks to our award-winning customer support. We want you to succeed at project management, that’s why our software eliminates the need for multiple platforms while giving you all the tools you require for success. To learn more about our project management features, visit our website today. We also host webinars full of inside project management tips for our customers.  

Ready to get started? Try a free demo today! 

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