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Get Paid for Your Projects ASAP: Benefits of BQE ePayments

BQE ePayments is the new and improved payment platform that helps you get paid faster, control your cashflow and increase payment flexibility.

Invoicing eats up a massive amount of time in your firm. Let’s face it, pulling timesheet data, creating invoices, and then attaching it to an email is not a quick and easy task. It can take days to complete this process. Then, on top of that, you often wait weeks to receive a check from your client. And even more time is added if you send an invoice in the mail to your client first. Now, what if along the way, your client’s check gets lost in the mail? Should the process really take this long just to get paid for your projects? With BQE ePayments, it doesn’t have to.  

82% of Americans used ePayments in 2021. This was up from 2020’s 78%. The upward shift in electronic payment technology proves that ePayments are here to stay and can help create a lot of opportunities for firms to grow faster. When you can cut time on your invoicing, make transactions much easier for your clients, and get paid quickly, you’re guaranteed to see a positive shift in your firm’s growth.  

What is BQE ePayments? 

BQE ePayments is the new and improved payment platform that helps you get paid faster, control your cashflow, increase payment flexibility, and manage your payments in a portal that seamlessly integrates with the rest of CORE. 

With ePayments, you can get paid quickly, while offering your clients a secure platform, flexibility, and cutting out manual invoicing processes that are taking up time and causing mistakes for both you and your clients.  

Benefits of BQE ePayments 

Electronic payment systems, such as BQE ePayments, are incredibly convenient to the A/E and professional services industries. They reduce costs, improve client relationships, increase visibility all while supplying enhanced security compared to traditional paper checks. 

Client payments are the backbone of your firm. Without payments, projects are delayed, vendors don’t get paid on time, and you lose hours of productivity. For a successful firm, you must ensure you always have a steady cashflow. And with ePayments, we can help you improve your cashflow.  

Let’s take a closer look at how ePayments can benefit your firm: 

Instant Payment 

With BQE ePayments, you can reduce invoicing time by collecting payments straight from BQE rather than waiting for a check to appear in the mail. 

BQE ePayments are much faster than traditional methods of payments. Your clients can easily make payments at any time, no matter where they’re located. Electronic payments eliminate the need for you to go to the bank since it’s all handled between you and the client right there on our platform.  

Once your project is complete, forget waiting weeks or months to receive a payment. With BQE ePayments, you get your money faster than ever before.  


Transparency is important when it comes to payments. With BQE ePayments, you don’t have to worry about manually keeping record of your payment details. Everything is recorded right there on our platform, so you and your client will always be on the same page when it comes to your projects. This means you can provide the payment details to your customers beforehand, eliminating any confusion.  

Recurring Bill Payments 

It’s exhausting work to constantly send out bill reminders each time a payment is due. Plus, it eats up so much of your precious time. And if your client misses one of your bills, you’ll have to keep track and send them out again. With BQE ePayments, you can set up recurring bill payments that send out notifications for you. Easy customization allows you to set up your own schedule, along with when the recurring bills start and stop. Plus letting your clients have easy access to their payments makes paying these recurring bills simple all around.  

Customer Convenience  

Imagine how much less stressful it can be for your clients when they can pay you with the click of a button?  

Not only do you get paid on time and quickly, but your clients no longer have to deal with the hassle of snail mail either. Creating a seamless and convenient process for your clients makes them happier and we all know that happy clients become regular clients and even refer their friends. Increasing client satisfaction will only help grow your firm.  

BQE CORE ePayments 

At BQE, we’re committed to improving and helping our customers get the most out of CORE.  

That’s why we’re launching a new and improved BQE ePayments platform. Get paid faster, control your cashflow, increase payment flexibility, and manage your payments in a portal that seamlessly integrates with the rest of CORE. 

While every firm has different needs, an easier way to get paid will always be beneficial to your bottom line.  

To learn more about how BQE ePayments can help you improve your cashflow and create a successful firm, contact us today.  

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