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Settle for 'Satisfied'? Managing Your BQE CORE Account

Managing your subscriptions, users (employees), and your companies are the fundamentals for getting the most out of your BQE CORE account.

With all the moving pieces that have to be monitored as part of running your company, sometimes it can be hard to focus on anything other than the necessities: are the lights still on, are my employees happy, and am I still getting paid? If you can answer those questions (hopefully with a yes), then most business owners are satisfied with how things are going for the moment.

But do you want to settle for just ‘satisfied’ when it comes to your business?

If you are using BQE CORE (if you aren’t, what’s stopping you?), you might already know how many features it offers as a professional services software. But being able to utilize these features means understanding how to get the most out of them. One of the easiest ways to get the most out of BQE CORE is understanding how to manage your account: your subscriptions, your users (employees), and your companies (if multiple). Let’s look at some of the fundamentals of your BQE CORE account as the owner of your company.

1. Managing Subscriptions

Your journey in BQE CORE starts with a subscription. Though the first subscription must start with a Manager package at the very least, you have a variety of different packages to choose from based on the role and responsibilities of your employees. The different subscription packages let you determine the access your users will have to various features and functions. Managing subscriptions in BQE CORE is quick and easy.

  • Purchasing Subscriptions – As the account owner, you are responsible for adding new subscriptions for your employees in BQE CORE. As you purchase subscriptions from the Manage Subscriptions screen (Check the Core Help for more details), BQE CORE automatically prompts you to assign subscriptions to your users where they are missing. Though you can assign users to subscriptions elsewhere in the app, the automatic feature makes purchasing subscriptions and assigning them an easy task from the same screen.
  • Renewing Subscriptions and Auto-Renewing – When the time comes for you to renew a subscription in BQE CORE, you can choose to renew manually at the end of your subscription period, on demand (if you choose to renew mid-subscription, for example), or have BQE CORE renew it automatically. Just open the Manage Subscriptions screen and choose the subscriptions you want to renew, enabling the Auto-Renewing option in the process.
  • Upgrading Subscriptions – As your company grows, you might realize you need to save money where you can. By upgrading your subscription plan from a monthly to a quarterly or yearly plan, you can help save money on your overall costs. Just select the subscription and upgrade to the higher plan.

2. Managing Users

On the Manage Users screen, you can quickly see your users and their associated employee profiles. One of the most important information here is the ‘Linked Employee’ column, which indicated whether your user subscriptions are in sync with the employees and they have the right permissions to work in BQE CORE.

  • Adding Users and Assigning Subscriptions – When adding users to your BQE CORE account, you can add new users, existing employees, or batch add employees in a group (check the Help File for details on how to do this). Enter the appropriate information for the users you are adding and select the available package from the drop-down. During this process, you can also see where the need for more subscriptions might be.
  • Reassigning Users and Signing Users Out – You may have to reassign user subscriptions or sign out users, say when an employee leaves your company. Though not uncommon, this process can be frustrating when you are struggling to assign subscriptions you know you have. Check the Manage Users screen and locate the package you want to reassign. Users may even have multiple packages assigned to them, keeping you from using the package elsewhere. Deselect the package from a user to free it to be used elsewhere. You can also force sign out a previous employee and remove them from BQE CORE, freeing their subscription if still valid.

3. Managing Companies

The last part of managing your Account in BQE CORE is understanding how to manage multiple companies, in case you have more than one. The owner account allows you to have additional company databases while using the same email, as long as you purchase subscriptions for the users in the other company. You also have the option of deleting a company database should you need to (this includes a 48-hour grace period, in case it was done as a mistake). The Manage Companies screen keeps your options simple.

  • Adding a New Company – As an owner, the Manage Companies screen lets you add multiple companies in BQE CORE. Just click Create New and enter the appropriate information about the company. BQE CORE creates your new company database and you get to keep things moving with the same business management software that you know and love.
  • Editing Company Info – BQE CORE allows you to edit your company’s details- contacts, payment methods, and status of the company. You can also set a default company if you have multiple companies, ensuring it's opened in BQE CORE when you log in.
  • Switching Companies – After setting up multiple companies, switching companies can be done from the company menu found at the top. Switch between your company accounts and handle whatever comes your way- without leaving your seat (or even on the go!)

BQE CORE makes managing your account simple so that you can get the most when running your businessmanage your subscriptions, users, and companies with just a few quick clicks or taps. There are even parts of your account you can automate, saving you the hassle of having to renew or assign things yourself. Understanding your BQE CORE account means you can do the most for your companieswithout settling for ‘satisfied.’

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