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Webinar: Aligning Your Firm to the CORE: How to Create Core Values & Mission Statement

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BQE CORE: Adaptable for Every Role

Software that grows with your firm is important so you only pay for what you use and don't have to switch systems when your company strategy changes.

How is it possible to use the same software for project management, accounting, time and expenses, billing, and business intelligence without feeling overwhelmed?

The key is to focus on adaptability. Whether you're entering a time card or checking in on a project's profitability, your software should anticipate your needs and only show you information that's relevant to the task at hand. If the solution successfully achieves this, team members with any number of roles can easily achieve their goals.

Watch this video to see how the creators of BQE CORE worked to realize this adaptability and make their platform a superior experience for every type of user.

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