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3 Ways AI is Changing Architecture

Artificial intelligence should empower you. While architects have been slow to adopt the new technology, here are three ways AI is changing architecture.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing industries across the board. By utilizing tons of data, the computer system can perform behaviors associated with human intelligence, such as speech recognition, decision-making, and learning.

While enterprise adoption of AI has grown 270% over the past four years, architects have been slow to adopt the new technology. Some fear job insecurity and others simply don’t understand the technology.

But it’s through automation that we’re able to save time doing mundane, repetitive tasks. And that time can be reinvested in more important things, like design, development, and creativity.

AI may not have a huge impact on architecture yet, but the changes are inevitable. Here are three ways AI could change the industry:

  1. Research - An AI system could expedite the research process, pulling information on zoning data, building codes, disabled design data, and design variation.

  2. Construction & Planning - AI can help create models, interpret the building environment, develop cost estimates and provide access to countless data.

  3. Project Management - AI can help you allocate resources, manage financials, and execute projects more efficiently.

Architects may need to rethink traditional models to incorporate AI. But the payoff could be worth the upfront work.

Incorporating AI at your firm

Artificial intelligence should empower you. For example,  CORE Intelligence gives deeper insights into your business beyond just simple answers to your questions.

Users can make smarter decisions and proactive course corrections to their work with CORE Intelligence. It’s like giving every employee a personal assistant to increase productivity at no additional cost.

The possibilities are endless with CORE Intelligence. Don’t like sifting through reports? Forget about using your computer. You can converse with CORE Intelligence about anything, from company financials to project management.

And you’ll receive deeper insights beyond just answers. CORE Intelligence can inform you about past-due invoices and other insights you might have otherwise overlooked.

If you want to improve efficiency while saving time and money, it’s time to embrace the AI revolution. There’s no doubt that leveraging AI at your firm will give you a competitive advantage.

Click below to start your free trial of CORE. Maybe you aren’t ready to fully embrace the AI revolution, but a little taste never hurt anyone.

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