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Case Study: Architecture Firm Saves Precious Time With CORE

Discover why architecture and design studio Winter Holben chosen BQE Core as their architecture firm software.

The beginnings of this story might sound all too familiar to you.

Winter Holben is an architecture and design studio based in Maine that creates immersive experiences for a variety of retail, residential, and commercial clients. While their work has consistently been comprehensive and forward-looking, the same wasn't exactly true for their back office processes.

They used to be mired in spreadsheets, copying and pasting valuable information about staff hours, project management, and billing from and to various documents. Gleaning any additional insights from this information required Excel wizardry and numerous formulas, which increased the chances for costly errors.

Then, they found BQE CORE. With its integrated project management, time and expense tracking, and billing capabilities, Winter Holben has seen a dramatic change in they way they work. Discover the details of their transformation by reading the case study here.

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