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The 6 Best Architecture Podcasts to Follow

Turning our attention to the world of architecture podcasting, BQE collected the opinions of a diverse array of architecture and media experts.

For a profession that is constantly evolving: with changes in building technology, material science, governmental regulations and production and business technologies. There are few professions more complex and challenging than the practice of architecture. To better rise to the considerable demands of the profession, master-architects, mid-career architects, young architects, architect interns and students can use all the help they can get!

Podcasts are a great way for architects to get targeted information about their field of choice as well as vital tips that can help them refine their craft. Podcasts may also serve as a convenient platform for sharing notable work stories as well as resources for architects who want to refine their business operations or advance their careers.

You don’t even have to be an architect to enjoy many of these remarkable podcasts. Large numbers of people around the world are fascinated with the science and art of architecture. So whether you’re an industry insider with a successful practice or an architecture enthusiast who wants to take a deep dive into the world that you love, there’s an architecture podcast out there for you.

In addition to providing professional services software that caters to the unique wants and needs of architecture firms, BQE has a long history of helping architects stay up to date with the latest industry developments.

Turning our attention to the world of architecture podcasting, BQE collected the opinions of a diverse array of architecture and media experts. After weighing their various pros and cons, we chose just six architecture podcasts for our list of the very best that 2021 has to offer (in no particular order).

1. 99% Invisible

Host Roman Mars first established this podcast as a radio show way back in 2010. It began as a collaboration between the San Francisco public radio station KALW and the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Today, 99% Invisible is syndicated by radio stations across the United States and distributed widely as a podcast. Particularly adept at showing the ways in which architecture impacts everyday life, it has emerged as one of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.

99% Invisible delves into what architects, designers, and engineers see when they look at buildings and spaces versus what the average person may see. Whether you’re an architect looking for the perspectives of others in your field or interested in learning more about the function of the spaces around you, 99% Invisible has over 400 episodes to choose from (or binge!).

2. About Buildings + Cities

This podcast is hosted by a pair of experienced professional architects. Roughly every two weeks, Luke Jones and George Gingell get together to share conversations about everything from architectural history to the role that technology plays in the modern architectural workplace. Not only are these conversations extensive (episodes often go on for more than an hour), but the spirited camaraderie and enthusiasm of the About Buildings + Cities hosts make this podcast infectious to say the least.

3. Face to Face by Dezeen

Established in 2020, Face to Face is the newest podcast on this list. However, it is a production of Dezeen (a highly influential global architecture and design magazine that dates back to 2006). Every Tuesday, Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs sits down for an in-depth discussion with some of the top innovators in the world of architecture and design today. Past Face to Face guests include Thomas Heatherwick, Hella Jongerius, David Chipperfield, Roksanda Illinčić, Tom Dixon, John Pawson, and Es Devlin.

4. EntreArchitect Podcast

EntreArchitect Podcast is hosted by successful architect Mark R. LePage. It sets itself apart from the other podcasts on this list by specifically delving into the business side of architecture. While sharing his experiences as an entrepreneurial architect with his own small firm, Mark LePage offers key business strategies in areas that range from managing firm finances to spurring growth through marketing.

5. Life of an Architect

Hosted by BOKA Powell architect Bob Borson, Life of an Architect is a great podcast for architects and non-architects alike. In addition to tackling general industry issues, it offers an intimate look into what it's like to work as an architect. With the help of various guests, Bob Borson, along with his sidekick, architect Andrew Hawkins explain exactly what architects do for a living.

6. Young Architect Podcast

Hosted by American Institute of Architects fellow Michael Riscica, the Young Architect Podcast specifically serves an audience of people who are struggling to enter or establish themselves within the architecture industry. Featuring a discussion with a new young architect on every episode, it can help with issues that include succeeding in architecture school, furthering career development, and passing the architect registration exam.

No matter where your particular personal or professional interests happen to lie, podcasts are a great way to find inspiration or learn something new. No matter where you happen to be in your architecture career, there is something to gain from these podcasts. Even if you just want a peek into the science and art of architecture, you should give a listen to these six podcasts.

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