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QuickBooks For Architects - Setting Up BillQuick

QuickBooks For Architects - Setting Up BillQuick - BQE Software

I've been talking to you for a while about using QuickBooks for architects. I’ve shown you all the basics from setting up your QuickBooks company file to setting up your items, then entering time in QuickBooks. I posed the question at that point about whether or not this was the best way (to enter time into QuickBooks) and I haven’t answered it yet. I've shown you two methods for job costing in QuickBooks and then how to bill costs back to your clients in QuickBooks. Finally, I showed you how you can take reporting in QuickBooks to the next level by taking what’s in QuickBooks and exporting it to Excel to create pivot tables for advanced reporting capabilities.

So what’s next? This is the BillQuick blog; so now that you have what you need to run QuickBooks properly for an architecture firm, let’s see how BillQuick can simplify your life.

Before I can show you how BillQuick can make your life easier, I have to show you how to set it up.

If you haven’t already, start by downloading the free trial.

Download the software and then click to install it. It’s pretty straight forward but I recorded this video (above) to help walk you through the set up.

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