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Project Management

QuickBooks for Architects & Engineers - A Better Way to Manage Projects

QuickBooks for Architects & Engineers - A Better Way to Manage Projects - BQE Software

Update: In 2017, we released BQE Core, the next-generation platform for business intelligence, time and expenses, billing, accounting, project management, and reporting. Core's capabilites are years ahead compared to what QuickBooks--or any other system--offers.  Take a tour of Core today or sign up for a free 15-day trial.

Architects and engineers are often stopped early on when using QuickBooks because the project management aspect of QuickBooks is generally not sufficient to handle their needs. In my series on QuickBooks for Engineers, I showed you how to set up a project and budget in QuickBooks. It is actually called a “Job.” I think you will agree when you watch today’s video that the process of setting up a project in BillQuick is very easy. Then, when you see how easy it is to set up the budget in my next video, the picture will become very clear.

Especially when you consider that your employees and sub-contractors can all be entering their own time in BillQuick and that will be compared to the budget and red flags will literally go up when your hours are approaching your budget, I think the question will be how can you afford not to be using BillQuick.

As an owner of any professional services firm, you want to be focusing on managing your projects well and not on the process itself. It is too easy to get caught up in designing the perfect process, but why? Especially when you know that this information will feed back to QuickBooks seamlessly, it just makes sense.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video and see for yourself.

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