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QuickBooks For Architects - How to Use BillQuick to Capture Time

QuickBooks For Architects - How to Use BillQuick to Capture Time - BQE Software

Update: In 2017, we released BQE Core, the next-generation platform for business intelligence, time and expenses, billing, accounting, project management, and reporting. Core's capabilites are years ahead compared to what QuickBooks--or any other system--offers.  Take a tour of Core today or sign up for a free 15-day trial.

Previously I wrote a post and recorded a video called How to Enter Time into QuickBooks (And is This the Best Way?)

Now we’re going to answer that question. Both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks Online provide simple, easy to use forms that allow time entry. There’s no timer, but you can get the information in there and you can assign the time and related expense to a job as well as an item code very easily.

So what’s the problem with entering time directly into QuickBooks? Access. Plain and simple, the problem is as to who has access and how easily can access be made available. In the end what I am going to have to do without another solution is have people fill out time sheets in, say, Excel and then submit those time sheets to someone who will then have to do the data entry in QuickBooks in order to get the time into the accounting system. This is inefficient and leaves a lot of room for errors–especially when you consider that someone has a stack of time sheets to enter all at once.

Besides eliminating room for error by only having to enter the time once, that bookkeeper or data entry person’s own time can be put to better use elsewhere, I’m sure.

BillQuick is a perfect time tracking solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. This isn't a sales pitch - watch the video and learn how it works! With BillQuick, I can set up my users and allow them access to enter time without having to give them access to the entire accounting system. I can also set up the workflow so that the people on the project can enter their time, the project manager reviews and approves it, and then it can be synced back to QuickBooks.

Now the time can be used to pay the employee or sub-contractor as well as to bill back to our clients. Incidentally both processes (paying the people and billing the clients) can be done in either BillQuick or QuickBooks and if you choose to do it in BillQuick, that information will sync back to QuickBooks just the same.

Watch the video above and please post your comments and questions below.

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