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Project Management

Project Management Trends to Look Out For

Work has changed a lot over the last few years. Learn what new project management trends to watch for and how you can take advantage of them.

It’s important to understand the latest project management trends if your firm wants to continue to put out the best work while maintaining a well-managed team. The best way to do this is by keeping up to date with this year’s trends and by using the latest project management digital tools.  

As a project manager, you want to ensure that you’re always up to date with the latest trends if you expect your team to prepare for the future.  

Below are some of the biggest project management trends that are happening now.  


Artificial intelligence and automation are huge and will continue to be a project management trend. If you haven’t begun using automation in project management, now is the time. Many firms have already started using automation to perform time-consuming tasks that would otherwise take up their team’s hours.  

As you know, many administrative tasks tend to fall on a project manager’s table. These tasks can include project balancing, time tracking, scheduling, and budget updates to name a few.  

Automation is also helpful when it comes to retrieving performance insights. A project manager can now use automation in project management to not only perform daily tasks, but also to help with scheduling, data visualization and making informed decisions based on that data. By automating these tasks, project managers focus their energy on completing tasks that benefit the firm and help them achieve the goals of each project.  

Project management software, like BQE CORE, can help automate these daily tasks and give project managers time back to work on high value projects. BQE CORE is also the automation tool to give real-time insights in project data so you’re always one step ahead in your timeline.  

Hybrid Work Environment 

Over the past few years, remote work has become more mainstream than ever before. Whether your team is fully remote, or they’re working in a hybrid half office, half remote situation, project management in this unique environment is a growing trend that doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.  

Remote project management is beneficial in that it provides more flexible schedules and cuts back on having to spend time commuting to work every day. Since managing projects while remote is a growing trend, you want to make sure that you have the right project management tools set up for your team.  

Remote Work Considerations 

If your firm is in a remote work environment, you need the right digital tools to keep everything running efficiently. One of the most notable features of a remote project management tool is the ability to work seamlessly on mobile devices. Everything from time tracking to billing to managing your dashboard should be easily accessible no matter where you are.  

You need the absolute best digital tools to be able to connect to your team no matter what city they’re located in. Plus, some clients now may need to be met remotely, so the more adapt you are with the right platform to manage your team remotely, the easier it will be to take on new remote clients.  

Due to more remote work, many firms are shifting to cloud-based software. BQE CORE’s cloud-based project management software is fast and accessible anywhere, while also keeping your files safe and secure making it the perfect choice for project management and accounting.  

Personnel Management 

Another trend in project management is a focus on mental health. Whether your firm is headed back to the office or working fully remote, there is bound to be some level of stress with employees. To keep employees motivated, more firms are finding ways to help manage stress effectively.  

To prioritize mental health and help manage stress, some firms are implementing flexible hours and giving employees more freedom on when and how they should work. Fitness programs are also beneficial as this can help keep employees’ health in good shape and minimize stress, while making for more productive work hours.  

As a project manager, to help with employee’s mental health and moral, it’s always good to set clear expectations on a project while offering praise when goals are accomplished.  

Project Management with BQE CORE 

BQE CORE is practice management software designed by the A/E industry for professional services industries. We know that the needs in project management are always changing. That’s why we offer the best in cloud-based project management software to help you stay on top of the latest trends, so your firm stays ahead of the competition.  

To get the best digital tool in project management, try our free demo today.  

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