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Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business Consultants

There are a LOT of apps available, so finding the best ones for your business could be a lot of work.

In today’s complex and rapidly evolving business consultation industry, consultants must stay abreast of multiple tasks at the same time—frankly, too many tasks for one person to reasonably handle. 

Thankfully, now you can acquire virtually all the assistance that you need with the help of the right mobile apps.  

But there are a LOT of apps available, so finding the best ones for your business could be a lot of work. To make your life easier, here’s a list of 8 apps you must have for your consultancy business.   

The Top 8 Business Consultancy Apps 

Of all the business apps on the marketplace, here’s an expert-curated list of the top eight mobile applications for consultants or advisors:  

1. TimeCam 

A highly detailed work time monitoring app, TimeCam offers a tremendous amount of customizable versatility. It gives you the ability to calculate and generate reports for that express working time for your company as a whole as well as for individual employees and projects. It also assists with project-specific client invoicing. 

2. Proposify

Proposify makes it easy to create professional proposals with a broad spectrum of ready-made and fully customizable templates. What’s more, Proposify integrates seamlessly with most leading CRM platforms.   

3. Drip

Drip is an email marketing app that can help you design appropriate email campaigns and effectively reach your specific audience base. Through the simple “drag and drop” interface, you can easily craft personalized emails with clickable links that drive online traffic directly to the website page of your choice. The app then tracks the recipients who click on these links and automatically sends them emails with additional information. 

4. Focus Booster  

Based on the influential Pomodoro time management system, Focus Booster optimizes worker productivity through improved task management and the development of superior work habits. Grouping work into short sprints of established length, this app aims to overcome the power of common workplace distractions. 

5. Brand24

Brand24 is a handy brand management app that helps guide your branding operations through the assistance of consistent and detailed consumer feedback. It alerts you to online comments about your brand, providing you with extensive data that you can use to address critical image problems and make positive branding adjustments on an ongoing basis.


Monday is a project management app with a number of features that are beneficial to business consultants, and particularly useful in the management of advisory projects. Many consultants like using the app to collaborate on projects with team members in real time, as well as export data in spreadsheet form to clients. 

7. Evernote

Going far beyond the note apps that come standard on your smartphone and tablet, Evernote provides an organized way to take - and store - notes for a variety of projects and tasks, along with other pertinent files. It also gives you the ability to augment your hand-written notes with photos and other media. 

8. GetResponse

An exceptional tool for building an effective online marketing funnel, GetResponse is great for business consultants and senior marketing executives alike. By using this platform, you’ll be able to  reach out to your clients through online channels including email and webinars. It connects these marketing arms to custom landing pages that it helps you create. 

And One More, As a Surprise Bonus   

BQE CORE is a mobile app that has garnered multiple honors and accolades as one of the best mobile apps on the market for consultants who serve architecture and engineering businesses.  From managing invoices and automatic billing to tracking work time and expenses, the BQE CORE platform can also perform a wide range of HR and project oversight functions. And thanks to its mobile app, you can draw upon the power of this platform wherever you happen to be. 


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