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Get the Most Out of CORE with These Helpful Resources

Even the most user-friendly software can be a lot to work with if it’s truly powerful.

Even the most user-friendly software can be a lot to work with if it’s truly powerful. That’s the nature of the beast: load the program with features, and it becomes a lot to learn.

As BQE CORE is an incredibly advanced all-in-one accounting and invoicing software, users have quite a bit to learn during their early days with the program.

Fortunately, thanks to the easy-to-use design of the software, even the greenest of users will be able to pick it up quickly. And to help, we’ve assembled some help resources to ensure you get the most out of CORE.

All of these resources can be found either at the CORE Help Center or the in-app CORE Help.  For sake of convenience, here are some of our customer favorites.

The CORE Video Library

The video library is a great place to begin if you need help with CORE. In the library, you will have access to dozens of helpful instructional videos that walk you through various CORE features and capabilities.

These videos are to the point and effective, with most clocking in at under three minutes. They’re also divided into separate categories, from introductory getting started videos to more specific topics, such as billing or accounting.

Need to find something in particular? Just search for the topic and any relevant information within the video library will be displayed.


If you have any questions, CORE FAQs is a great place to start your search for answers! With hundreds of questions, chances are any question you have might also include support in this section. The FAQs are divided by topics, from general questions to questions about CORE functions, such as expense entry or accounts payable.  

See for yourself on the CORE Help Center > FAQ section.


Much like the FAQs, the CORE Knowledgebase is full of different topics or resources to guide you through using certain functions of the software. It’s divided by topics, but also easily searchable through the search function on the web page.

While the FAQs are designed to answer specific questions you might have, you can think of the CORE knowledge base as a way to expand your knowledge of the software. If you want to get the most out of CORE or explore its capabilities with topics such as CRM and more, here’s a phenomenal resource. 


The CORE Blog has a lot in common with the FAQs and the knowledgebase: it explains the different functions of CORE or offers the resources to take your understanding of the software to the next level.

The major difference? 

The blog posts are longer, detailed articles that are sure to flesh out any questions you might have. If you want full, expert-level understanding, the blog is the place to be!

For example, take this article about utilization vs. realization of billable time in CORE. These blog posts are user-friendly and easy reads, but also incredibly effective tools for becoming a master of CORE. We suggest subscribing to the BQE Blog directly, so that you're always in the know with that latest and greatest.

The CORE Community

BQE is grateful to our incredible customer, and the CORE Community makes apparent all the reasons why. If you have a question, chances are there’s somebody in the CORE Community that can help - be it another customer or member of the CORE Team.

The community has topics about CORE, from general discussions to more specific topics, like CORE accounting, or even announcements. You can also learn more about the Community guidelines.

Our customers push the envelope with innovations and big goals every single day, just like BQE. In the CORE Community, these two worlds collide to form a valuable information database. 

Ready to start using the CORE Community? This video explains how.


Finally, CORE Help is a powerful support system within CORE. When you’re looking for assistance, CORE help is always there to lend a hand. To begin, click the “Help” icon on the top right. Doing so will open a list of help topics based on the area of CORE you are in (context-sensitive), but if you’re looking for something else, you can search the topic in the search box. It will list the search results with indicators as to whether it is an article, video or community post.

For more about this, be sure to watch this helpful video.

BQE Offers 360-Support with CORE

No matter what kind of questions you have or what you want to learn to accomplish within CORE, odds are there is a help resource ready to help you. Use the information from this post as a guide as you take your relationship - and capabilities - with CORE up another level. 

We Value Your Opinion

We would like to invite you to participate in our CORE Documentation Survey by answering a few important questions. As a valued BQE CORE user, we would like to hear what you think about our product help, help center and other resources. Your feedback will help us evaluate the existing help resources - and improve on them in the future. Please click here for the survey.

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