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Working with the Businesses of Today - CORE's Mobile App

Working with the Businesses of Today - Core's Mobile App - BQE Software

In the business of today we want mobility. We want to be able to go anywhere and still be able to run our businesses. There is even a growing sector that we’re referring to as “digital nomads” who live their lives accordingly.

My wife and I have had this discussion. We would consider selling our home, getting an RV, and going all over the country. Why not? There is actually nothing stopping us from doing that. I can do everything I do from anywhere. I don’t need to go into an office. In fact I don’t. I work from home. I can go for three days, or more without ever leaving my home.

Last week I ordered my groceries online, and arranged to pick them up on Saturday morning between 7 and 8 am. At 7 am I took the two minute drive from my home to the supermarket. I pulled into the designated Ralph’s Clicklist parking space, called the number to let them know I was there, and a minute later a young kid came out with my groceries. He loaded them into my car, confirmed that I had everything I’d ordered, and I was on my way. I was back home within 15 minutes of when I’d left.

That service saved me a ton of time. I didn’t have to go up and down the aisles looking for anything. I searched the website, found exactly what I was looking for, ordered, paid, and picked up. This is efficiency at its best. Now I had more time, so I headed to Griffith Park and went for a hike. While I was hiking I’m sure I responded to some messages in Slack. A friend responded to me on Facebook Messenger, and I sent her some photos of my “current view.”

The reason I can do all of this from anywhere is because of mobile apps. People often ask me what apps I use every day.

Here’s your answer: Applications I use

Click on an application and you can see links to the days I’ve used them. I am not always 100% about updating this, but it will give you a pretty solid idea. You can cyber-stalk me by bookmarking this. In those daily thoughts, I write notes about what is going on throughout my day. Some days I am better than others when it comes to updating them. Some days are missing because I marked them private.

All of this is to say that in order to work AS a business of today, I need good mobile apps. A good mobile app is one that offers me all, or substantially all, of the functionality of the web app so I am not slowed down when I am mobile.

Let’s look at CORE’s mobile app to see how we can accomplish anything we need to, no matter where we are.

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