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Boost Productivity with CORE Public APIs, CORE Developer Program & CORE Marketplace

Customize Core to your firm’s unique firm and provide additional functionality with the Core public APIs, Core Developer Program, and Core Marketplace.

BQE Software recently launched CORE public APIs, the CORE Developer Program, and the CORE Marketplace.

The CORE Public APIs and Developer Program allow developers and customers to add value to CORE. Customers can build their own tools to meet their firms’ requirements, while developers can create apps that fit many customer needs. Their apps are now available in the CORE Marketplace.

Case Study: CORE customer tries public APIs

DOAR, a litigation consulting firm in New York, was part of the CORE public APIs beta test program. Gene Klimov, CTO and Managing Director said, “The APIs  have made us more productive and our experience has been great.”

The challenge

DOAR’s key needs included being able to access their data and integrate it with their internal accounting process. They used the APIs to develop queries and efficiently manage and report on information specific to their needs in a scalable way.

For example, they realized they had an error in a Fee Schedule template where incorrect resources were being applied. The schedule was used in dozens of projects. Rather than manually go through each Fee Schedule, DOAR was able to identify all projects where the schedule was applied and quickly make changes to the schedule that affected all instances.

CORE Public APIs also help DOAR with time-consuming monthly project commission calculation, which is based on time, expenses, and other metrics.

The result

Gene Klimov said, “With the help of the APIs, what used to take days to calculate now takes minutes. Being able to control this aspect of the process allows us to more easily locate anomalies and adjust accordingly.”

Gene especially likes the constant updating of functionality and the shared insights that allow them to rapidly deploy their apps.

“We were glad to be part of the beta program and look forward to more integration with CORE as we expand our business and develop more apps for future growth,” Gene said. “The APIs have exceeded our expectations.”

Boost productivity & profits

Dozens of firms eagerly awaited the CORE public APIs’ release. Now, they are working to integrate with internal apps to help them boost productivity and profits.

You can build tools yourself, tap BQE Consulting, or choose a third-party app from a CORE Developer Partner in the CORE Marketplace.

CORE Marketplace & BQE’s Developer Partner Program

The first three developers whose apps will be available in the CORE Marketplace include ArchiSnapper, Enlightened Software, and Zenwork.

ArchiSnapper: Boost Productivity with Field Reports and Punch Lists

Some firms use pen and paper on-site, then draft a report in Word and manually insert pictures. Other firms simply stuff everything in a paper folder. Both of these outdated methods cause headaches and waste hours. ArchiSnapper eliminates this issue.

ArchiSnapper is a field report software used by more than 10,000 firms worldwide that allows users to perform site inspections and draft beautiful PDF reports.

When integrated with CORE, ArchiSnapper adds field reports and punch list functionality on top of CORE. Using CORE data, you can start making field reports and punch lists instantly.

With ArchiSnapper, do your walkthrough and easily pinpoint observations on the drawings or floor plans using a tablet or mobile phone. To document the issue, take a picture and add text to identify the issue or observation. With most mobile phones (and some tablets) you can use text-to-voice to record your observations.

When you’re done documenting items on site, ArchiSnapper automatically generates a PDF field report. The app includes multiple report templates. The templates can be customized – logo, header, footer, different fonts and colors, labels, and image sizes.

Why integrate ArchiSnapper with CORE?

  1. Reduce data entry - You do not need to enter data in both CORE and ArchiSnapper. When users add project details, contacts, and documents like floor plans and drawings in CORE, they are automatically available in ArchiSnapper.

  2. No more manual updating - Field reports and punch lists created with ArchiSnapper are available automatically in CORE.

While the value of impressing clients is tough to quantify, time savings is not. Typical time savings among ArchiSnapper users is one hour per report. Factor in the bill rate for your managers and you can calculate the additional revenue potential available to your firm.

GovernmentForms.OnDemand: Save hours on every SF330 proposal

SF330 forms are a burden that can take hours or even days to complete. Because of this, many firms avoid pursuing opportunities requiring these cumbersome forms.

Enlightened Software has  integrated its GovernmentForms.OnDemand (GFS) app with CORE so that users can pull data from CORE to complete SF330 forms and other types of proposals.

GFS was built for architects, engineers, surveyors, and consultants. It has an intuitive interface with built-in enhanced word processing and supports forms of up to 99 pages. Plus, a cutting-edge tool utilizing artificial intelligence, called the “form shepherd,” helps ensure you are completing the forms correctly.

Within GFS, you can:

  • Add, duplicate and remove pages on-the-fly

  • Insert and delete rows of text without effort

  • Add images anywhere in the form

  • Maintain a robust database comprising ALL of your marketing material

  • Use lookup capabilities to auto-fill forms with projects, resumes and consultants

Why integrate GFS with CORE?

  1. Expedite business deals - Get the business deals you want with less effort. Reuse information as needed. And most important, pull in accurate and relevant data from CORE to save time.

  2. Save time - The more you use GFS to prepare SF330’s, the more time you save. Take a moment and think about the value of the time saved and the additional opportunities you will gain.

Tax1099: Simplify your Form 1099s

Zenwork’s Tax1099 app helps companies automate forms, such as Form 1099s. Their app, Tax1099 Enterprise, is IRS-approved and is an award-winning cloud-based, eFiling platform.

When users integrate Tax1099 with CORE, they can create 1099-MISC and 40 other forms to eFile with the IRS and submit to states. You can also sync data to:

  • Collect W-9s

  • Electronically solicit vendor information

  • Automatically validate TINs

  • Automatically validate addresses

Zenwork offers both Enterprise and Essential versions for firms with different volume levels and feature needs.

Why integrate Tax1099 with CORE?

  1. Avoid penalties - Avoid B-Notices and penalties of up to $100 per incorrect TIN by proactively matching the Tax Identification Number (TIN) for your filings.

  2. Quickly identify errors - Easily and quickly identify problems in the information you’ve received from your vendors with automatic validations.

Experience the best-in-class features with Tax1099, two-time winner of the Accountex User Favorite award.

Increase CORE’s functionality at your firm

The CORE Public APIs allows our customers to fulfill their firms’ unique needs. You can create a custom app for your own use or share it with other firms on our CORE Marketplace.

If you don’t have development capabilities, BQE’s team can help you build an integration app that has the functionality you‘re looking for.

This exciting expansion allows CORE customers to meet their unique needs and boost productivity.

Click below to learn more about CORE Public APIs, CORE Developer Program, and CORE Marketplace.

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