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How Easy Is It to Move Over to CORE?

There are many reasons why you might be attached to an existing legacy system; it could simply be that you're used to one way of working.

There are many reasons why you might be attached to an existing legacy system; it could simply be that you're used to one way of working or you might be unsure about switching to something you know little or nothing about.

Maybe the concept of having all your accounting data hosted within an online sphere, like BQE CORE, seems intimidating and you're unsure of the implications of that, including cost and security. The fact is, there's increasing risk associated with holding onto legacy systems now, especially when upgrading is actually far simpler than you can imagine.

But it's not entirely about things like security and ease of use, it's also about having the time to make what feels like a major change. You're busy, of course, and maybe you've spent a lot of time and effort on the legacy system you've relied on up until now; well, fortunately, migrating is pretty simple, particularly for existing BQE clients.

Depending on the size and age of your legacy data, your CORE system could be up-and-running in 3-5 business days – that's just a week or less of minor disruption to create many years of improved efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, and extra security. Any custom invoice templates or reports you use as part of a BQE legacy product can be recreated in CORE, and you can also be trained in CORE during implementation. This means you can be fully educated on how to use it by the time it's installed.

Why Should You Upgrade?

Cost of Support

First, while investing in an up-to-date system might seem like a daunting expense, the costs of maintaining a legacy system will always be higher. Not only is it pricey to continue to update and maintain old technology, but support will eventually run out — causing unnecessary downtime. Out-of-date technology can't limp along forever. BQE CORE will always be up-to-date and support will never run out.

Compatibility — or lack thereof

Second, any other technology or programs that are introduced to the business will most likely prove incompatible with the existing legacy system. This will absolutely cause disruption and downtime when the systems don't work together. CORE will integrate with everything it needs to and the simple cloud platform means it won’t be incompatible with new systems.


Tying in with the issue of incompatible technology, security can be a major issue for legacy systems. A recent IBM report shows that the average cost of a single data breach is now $3.6m, and this is all the more likely to happen if the manufacturer of your legacy system either no longer maintains that system or you have to use patches that may leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cloud platforms are always updated to defend data from attacks and also protect you from losing important information. Even if something happens to your office, your data is safe on the cloud.

Inability to Compete

Not only will relying on legacy systems affect your relationship with customers, but it could mean it will fail to attract new talent too. But all is not lost because while perceived complexity is often a concern for those relying on legacy systems, upgrading to a cloud system like BQE CORE is incredibly simple and user-friendly – all you have to do is make the wise decision to improve your business.

Benefits of BQE CORE

BQE team of experts have heard every query and concern under the sun regarding upgrading to CORE, and are open and frank about the benefits of CORE. As a result, 35% of existing BQE clients are moving to CORE in the next six months. Here are some of the most frequently-discussed benefits of CORE over legacy systems.

  • The system is cloud-based, which means it's accessible from anywhere and you don't have to manage a server, which slashes downtime – in fact, CORE comes with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.
  • CORE's cloud is incredibly secure.
  • The intuitive interface of CORE is easy-to-use. This is a fact that legacy users who fear change will be grateful for, and existing BQE legacy users will find it comfortingly familiar.
  • CORE boasts robust native apps for both Android and iOS users, and enables them to perform almost all the same tasks they can do via a computer. Plus, the apps are free. 
  • In stark contrast with the limiting nature of legacy systems, CORE can integrate with any modern software platform that has an API, plus it has an automatic connection to bank feeds.
  • CORE is updated every four to six weeks with new enhancements and features. As BQE flagship product, it will continue to be driven by innovation.
  • You never have to worry about remembering to send a report, thanks to CORE's fast reporting feature, which enables custom invoicing and reports.    

In short, moving to the cloud is a highly customizable process that doesn't need to slow you down – in fact, it will start making you so much more streamlined almost immediately. Individual staff members can even be granted specific subscriptions to just the tools they'll actually use. In a recent survey, BQE clients ranked CORE's modern interface as their overall favorite element of the system.

With the benefits far outweighing any lingering doubts, what do you have to lose?


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