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Streamline Your Services with Time and Billing Software

Consultants can modernize their business by utilizing time and billing software to save on two invaluable resources: time and money.

Staying on top of your time and billing can be a daunting task. Each person approaches situations differently and there are many different ways to track time and expense. All firms want to work as efficiently as they can. Time tracking is important for billing clients, but it’s also essential if you want to optimize your own time.

Whether you’re a large business or small startup, time and billing software can save you valuable resources and help you streamline your projects. Time and billing software can automate and unify your firm’s accounting, time tracking, and billing. Plus, implementing software can help you avoid confusion and eliminate human error.

Time: A valuable asset

The most important asset for a firm owner is time. Every second of time that you spend working is valuable and you should be compensated for it. While you’re busy working, you may forget to record your hours or miscalculate. But tracking time with spreadsheets and outdated methods can be tedious and take additional steps to record. These methods of tracking can also result in errors, skewing numbers and potentially resulting in lost profits.

Getting the most amount of work done in the least amount of time possible is the most efficient way to make a profit.

Every firm wants to increase productivity. By using time and billing software, you’ll have more time to finish an accounting project or architectural project when you might have been otherwise bogged down.

How can time and billing software help you?

Time and billing software can help you:

  • Track time and expenses from anywhere and on the go
  • Make time and expense tracking fast, easy and fun for your staff
  • Ensure a faster billing process
  • Improve cash flow with real-time data

By automating your time tracking and payment methods, you can easily track how much time you’re spending and get a clearer picture of where that time is going. This will give you real-time and actionable feedback that can help you improve your organization’s workflow.

Time and billing software like BQE CORE can increase your productivity by 20%, as it allows you to review, edit and approve hours from anywhere. Click here to watch how software like CORE operates and see if it will work with your organization.

Time tracking can also increase your firm’s productivity. Seeing how much time is being spent on different tasks can give you insightful information such as:

  • Utilization rates
  • Overall employee productivity
  • Project management and accounting activities

Having this data can help you make adjustments to improve efficiency when working on an accounting project and ensure that your organization’s goals and project KPIs are being met.

Billing Made Simple

Time and billing software can also cut the fat from your billing operations by distilling information for your time, expenses and projects into one interface which can adjust to work with your company. You can also use other features like reporting, CRM or dashboard, depending on your needs, for a smooth-running and up to date billing system.

You can establish recurring payments for regular clients and prepare your client's invoices automatically. Time and billing software can also help you send and receive payments from clients and notify them with invoices that are upcoming or overdue.

Time and billing software eliminates difficulties associated with traditional methods of time and billing. By allowing you to manage your business from one platform, you can quickly and easily deliver high-quality services to your clients.

From tracking time and preparing invoices to managing projects and allocating resources, CORE is the single platform that does everything your business needs. Click below to try it free today.

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