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Don’t Let Your Firm Get Buried Alongside TimeSlips Software

Outdated time and billing programs like Timeslips software might be slowly sucking the life out of your business, costing you time and money.

Organizations are always looking for ways to operate more efficiently. And this makes sense, considering 83 percent of accountants say clients demand more from them today than they did five years ago, according to the Sage Practice of Now 2018 Report.

While there are many things that go into running a business, streamlining the ways you manage time and expense is one of the fastest ways to increase productivity. The more productive you are, the more time you’ll have to focus on your clients.

Are you tracking time like is 1999?

Many firms track their time and expenses using traditional spreadsheets and paper time logs. But these outdated, archaic processes take too much time and open the door to duplicate data and inaccuracies.

While some firms have implemented software solutions to expedite operations and manage time and expenses, not all time and billing software are created equal.

Some companies that were earliest to adapt to time and billing software have found themselves stuck with grandfathered technology. Programs like Timeslips software have become antiquated and may only run on Microsoft or require you to pay more for upgrades regularly, eventually costing you more money than you're saving by investing in software.

What you should expect from your software

The software that you choose to help your business manage time and expense should help you simplify and condense your processes.

As a consultant looking to make use of time and billing software, consider what your software should be doing for you:

Your software should help you accurately time track from any device, and the data you're viewing should all fall under the same program. Don’t fall into the Microsoft exclusive restrictions set on you by programs like Timeslips software that limit what devices you can use.

Your software should simplify your time and expense processes. Having access to setting timers, intuitive time cards and drop-down lists that make time and expense tracking worry-free are essentials to look for in the solution you choose.

Your software should help boost your billing processes with ease. Look for software that can swiftly create invoices and help you receive payments on time, without leaving behind any receipts in the dust.

Your software should be cloud-based! Don't let a power outage or other simple technological error be the cause of lost data. Cloud-based software ensures that you never even have to worry about losing data.

Ask yourself this - does Timeslips software meet all of your essential needs?

Don’t miss out on essential features

Although Timeslips software was one of the first software solutions for time and expense tracking, it's also one of the oldest. And unlike wine, software doesn't get better with age.

Timeslips software has become antiquated and doesn't allow for mobile payments, online invoicing or payments, recurring/subscription billing or project billing. Click here to see what else you might be missing with Timeslips software.

Being able to manage your transactions online and easily bill is how most time and billing software users can stay nimble and flexible while best caring for clients.

Other ways to manage time and expenses

Many industry leaders have found BQE's CORE software to be efficient in organizing their data. CORE consolidates all the data you need to track and manage on to one platform and makes it easy to seamlessly incorporate the program into your business operations.

Stuart Evans of Zon Engineering Inc. said he switched to CORE after having difficulty using another software program:

"We switched to CORE just over 6 months ago after struggling with a competing service for years. CORE is very intuitive to use and easy to enter time and expenses for each internal and external project!"

From tracking time and preparing invoices to managing projects and allocating resources, CORE is the single platform that does everything your business needs. Click below to try it free today.

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