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Is QuickBooks Stunting Your Firm's Growth?

In the past year alone, QuickBooks has nearly tripled its fees. It’s time to find a software solution developed with the full team in mind.

Sometimes software sucks. When you juggle multiple clients with diverse needs and deadlines, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. You’d think your software would help you get more organized, but sometimes it falls short. QuickBooks is great at managing cash flow, but it’s not very good at helping you track the progress of an engagement or allocate your resources more effectively. And there’s much more to running a business than simply tracking the flow of cash. We’ve all been there. To compensate for the lagging software, you end up using multiple tools and methods to manage your practice. But this is inefficient and expensive.

QuickBooks: an inch deep but a mile wide

QuickBooks wasn’t specifically created for businesses that need detailed project accounting and reporting, detailed tracking of return on time or very detailed invoices and supporting documentation, especially for reimbursable expenses. quickbooks-growthBut QuickBooks is a good bookkeeping tool. And that’s why bookkeepers love it – it makes their job easy. However, it’s wasn’t created to make your job easier, by helping you make better decisions. Not to mention, in the past year alone, QuickBooks has nearly tripled its fees. And the fees will continue to increase as they nickel and dime you for additional services. If you’re using QuickBooks for simple functions, such as paying vendors, tracking invoices for your customers, or bank reconciliations, then you’re wasting your money. There is far less expensive software with the same functionalities. The best software will help get you the right information for your professional services business so you can ensure you maximize return on time and also implement the ‘science of better’ – better processes, happier people, happier customers.

CORE is the software solution to your QuickBooks woes

Are you tired of trying to find ways to analyze profitability and only finding workarounds? Perhaps it’s time to find a software solution developed with the full team in mind. With CORE, you get an all-in-one practice management software that gives you better control over every aspect of your business. Handle your engagements more efficiently, track your staff’s performance for better productivity, and do your accounting at both the company level and the project level. When you can clearly see everything that’s happening your firm, you can make more informed business decisions. In fact, 67% of CORE users that switched from QuickBooks said their #1 reason for making the change was the need for more visibility at their firm. What else do CPAs love about CORE?

  • Business intelligence dashboards that track critical performance metrics
  • Customizable reports that deliver deep insights
  • Mobile app that lets you run your firm from anywhere

CORE also has invoicing, expense tracking, and HR tools that automate much of the mindless and routine administrative tasks. Plus, our award-winning customer support team is at your service 24/7, with an average response time of under one minute. Don’t let weak software stunt your firm’s growth. Maximize your business potential today with CORE.

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