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Imagine Having Human-Like Conversations with Your Software: Why CORE Intelligence is Changing the Industry

Core Intelligence is the first conversational AI for accounting & project management software. Try it free today!

Core Intelligence

Today you can talk to a multitude of devices. When you ask the device a question, it spits out an answer.

But what if you could have that same natural, intelligent conversation with accounting and project management software? Just imagine the deep insights you otherwise might have overlooked.

An industry first, BQE CORE has just released CORE Intelligence. The concept began in August 2017. And over the last two years, BQE Software has spent thousands of man hours in the BQE Innovation Labs to get it ready for our customers.

We’re proud to say no other technology in the professional services industry comes close to offering as complete and robust a solution as BQE CORE.

Sure, some software includes voice activated elements. But most only include question and answer features. BQE CORE goes beyond these basic features—by providing you with valuable and actionable insights—without even looking at your computer screen.

Our vision statement says “we want to transform and revolutionize professional service firms through innovative software that is their partner in making the right business decisions all the time.” And that is exactly what we have done with CORE Intelligence. It’s your very own virtual business analyst at no cost.

Everyday we focus on delivering forward-thinking technology that enhances the growth of our customers. We strive to create value and a competitive advantage by solving business management problems in a simple way. It’s this central operating principle that brought us to our latest breakthrough— CORE Intelligence.

Just like having your own business analyst, it’s activated by your voice and proactively informs you about company financials, project status, resource optimization, and other essential business needs. It’s intelligent and empowering because it allows users to make smarter business decisions and proactive course corrections which lead to success.

But CORE Intelligence goes beyond the typical question and answer voice assistant features. It frees you from the shackles of having to be at your desk to get work done. With just the use of your voice, you can stay connected to your business anytime and anywhere.

Want to know what the project status is on a particular project? What are your billable hours this month? What’s on your to-do list? Or even what an employee’s utilization is? That’s easy with CORE Intelligence. CORE Intelligence is so advanced that a calendar event with a client can be linked to their past-due invoice, giving the user valuable information they might have missed otherwise.

CORE Intelligence uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, so it improves with increased usage. The more users ask questions or requests of CORE Intelligence, the smarter it becomes. It’s just like having your own business analyst without the added payroll expense.

Worried about security? That’s a thing of the past as well. CORE Intelligence understands the authenticity of the voice and respects the rights and privileges of that user. It’s all in your control!

So what are you waiting for? Go on and try it! It’s free for BQE CORE customers.

New customers can email us at for a special offer. Just mention you want to redeem your special offer from the BQE Blog.

Check out CORE Intelligence in Action

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