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What is the Best Culture Trifecta? See the BQE Software Trifecta That Ranked Us "Top 25 USA Companies" in 3 Categories

BQE’s mentorship program and continuing education fund are key reasons the company won a Comparably award for professional development.

"Are you challenged at work? Do you receive valuable feedback on how to improve? Do you have a mentor?"

These were just some of the questions employees answered on a Comparably survey to determine which companies in the US offer the best professional development and career support. Based on nearly 10 million anonymous responses from employees over a one-year period, Comparably created a list of companies that ranked highest for professional development.

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning." – Benjamin Franklin

At BQE Software, we pride ourselves on investing in the development and growth of our team members. Comparably recently honored us with an award for being among the “Top 25 Companies for Professional Development”. We base on our internal culture on what we like to call the “BQE Trifecta”. This mantra focuses on Women, Diversity and Development, as we believe these are the 3 most important things to ignite a great team culture. It’s the reason we were awarded The Top 50 Best CEO’s for Women and Diversity earlier this week.

Professional development is key to making sure our employees feel valued and find fulfillment in their work. When employees have the support they need to become their best selves, they’re even more inspired to advance the company and better serve our customers, and everyone wins.

Among the many benefits we offer to our employees, we provide two key tools to support their growth:

Mentorship and continuing education.

Simon Sinek, author and TED speaker, says, "What I want people who are starting out in their careers to find is a mentor. A career is a journey, and the impact you want to have in the world won’t happen in your entry-level job in the first four months. You need someone who will guide and teach you as you go.”

Mentorship is critical to helping employees grow both professionally and personally. It provides them with insights about our business that can help them do their jobs better, it provides them with guidance on improving their skills, and most importantly, it helps to make them feel part of the BQE family.

We encourage a culture of mentorship across all departments because interaction between members from different areas of the company spurs innovation and creativity. Our leadership team has an open-door policy, so any employee can reach out to share their ideas, ask questions, and get guidance on whatever they may need.

Next, we offer a continuing education fund to help our employees get access to training and development programs. This helps them sharpen their current skills, learn new ones, and helps renew a sense of excitement about their work. We believe investing in employees is a large part of why they valued and compelled to stay.

Margaret Gould Stewart, VP of design at Facebook, wrote a piece on the 4 dimensions of job fulfillment, and included “growth” as one of them:

"I need to feel that I am learning and growing, day-to-day and over time...Growing can mean many things. It can mean developing new technical skills, learning how to manage or scale a team, or enhancing soft skills like collaboration, communication, or conflict resolution. Sometimes these opportunities for growth can come from performance feedback in your current role."

We want every member of the BQE team to feel inspired, excited, and fulfilled by their jobs because that’s what it takes to create world-class products and solve big challenges.

If you or someone you know is looking for a place that will invest in their professional growth and development, have the check out our current openings on our careers page.

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