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What Actually Makes a Good Work Culture

Learn about BQE's work culture, which has helped us win multiple awards, including our most recent 2019 Comparably Award for Best Company in Los Angeles.

You might have heard the BIG NEWS recently - BQE Software won Best Company by Region in the Comparably Awards! Yes, yes another award you say, but let me share with you why we believe this is the most important form of recognition.

In this highly evolving business landscape, the most enduring brands are built from the heart. They are raw, real and sustainable. Their foundations are stronger because they are built with the strength of the human spirit, not an ad campaign.

Take our CEO Shafat Qazi for example, born in Kashmir, a very small valley in the Himalayas. He came to this country with $700 in his pocket, sought education, and later took the risk of quitting his job (despite having a family to care for) so he could build what became BillQuick, our legacy software, by working in his garage day and night.

Quite the risk, right? This is the American Dream, and the companies that last long are those that are authentic.

Any effective leader knows his or her company’s success depends upon not just a vision or product, but the people who carry out the vision and build the product day in and day out – their employees.

But what makes work culture a good one?

Different companies have different perspectives, but for BQE Software it’s simple: we believe customers will never love a company until the employees love it first.

It’s about hiring the best people, retaining them and instilling a high-standard yet nurturing environment that helps drive innovation, which spills over into building great products for our customers.

We have a culture where we are incredibly self critical and we don’t get comfortable with our successes or wins, which allows our employees to thrive, grow and push boundaries. In a day and age where every company is selling something, we believe that an outstanding corporate culture is truly a competitive advantage that is within our control.

As the VP of Marketing, I make it a point to read many of the reviews and comments we received throughout the Comparably Award process and share with the management team because these reviews are the foundation of how dedicated to our values we remain day in and day out and how this is reflected onto our customers. It was an honor to hear the employees are just as passionate as we are regarding our culture.

We want to sincerely thank our team, you make BQE Software who it is and all of our customers for being part of the BQE Software family, where values outweigh all.

Check out the exciting news and reach out to us if you need guidance on corporate culture initiatives.

Learn more about our Comparably award by reading our press release here.

All of the winners can be see on USA Today.

About the 2019 Comparably Awards for Best Company by Region:

The winners were determined based on a series of 50+ structured and comprehensive workplace questions in core culture categories, including: Compensation, Leadership, Professional Development, Work-Life Balance, Perks and Benefits, to name a few. There are no fees or costs associated with participating, nor is nomination required.The Comparably Awards recognize companies that excel in these areas then winners are selected from thousands of U.S. companies in each region. Rankings are derived from sentiment ratings provided by employees who anonymously rate their employers on throughout the year.

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