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How to Set Up and Use Bank Feeds in BQE CORE

How to Set Up and Use Bank Feeds in BQE Core - BQE Software

You've probably come across bank feeds in software built just for accounting, but they're a rarity in platforms that are as all-encompassing as CORE, with its in-depth time and expense, billing, project management, and business intelligence functions.  CORE's bank feeds stand out, too, in that you can also use them to link up with your utility accounts.

Within CORE, you can easily go into the bank feeds area, select your bank, link up your accounts, and start adding transactions in.

A few things you will want to know ahead of time on this:

  1. Add your bank accounts into your chart of accounts before you set up the bank feeds.

  2. Add all list items needed for matching

    • Accounts

    • Payees (Vendors)

    • Classes

From the bank feeds area there is no “add new” option in these lists as of right now, so you will want to add these things in before you set up and match transactions in the bank feeds.

Hint: Have CORE open in two tabs, so you can add what you need to while you’re matching things up. So if you encounter a new payee, you can add the vendor in one tab without losing your place in the bank feeds tab. BQE CORE is smart. As you add the payees in one tab, they will show up in the other. There's no need to refresh the browser page.

Now that we have bank feeds, the next step is how to reconcile bank accounts in BQE CORE. We’ll see that in a future post really soon.

Meanwhile, go set up your bank feeds and bring your questions here. Bookmark this post, so you can ask anything having to do with bank feeds and I’ll answer, or get you the answers you seek!

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