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CORE Update Alert: Report Scheduling, Custom Invoices, & More

BQE CORE Update Alert: Report Scheduling, Custom Invoices, & More - BQE Software

We just rolled out some big updates for BQE CORE that’ll make project management, accounting, billing, and performance analysis even easier for you.

In the CORE web app, you can now enjoy the following…

Automatic Report Scheduling: Even though it only takes a few seconds to get any report you need in CORE, you can now save that time by scheduling them. It’s so easy and simple to send certain staff members a report on earned value, employee realization, cost analysis, or anything else. Just pick a report, its recipients, and a frequency. You can add an unlimited number of email recipients or simply specify which employee or client groups to send the report to. Another thing crossed off of your to-do list!

Custom Invoices: CORE comes with a variety of standard invoice templates to meet the needs of most businesses. But sometimes you might need to display additional information on your invoices or make them look a certain way that defines your brand and company culture.

Through BQE’s customization services, CORE now supports custom invoice templates that can be designed and customized for your business from scratch. Our experienced customization team will work with you to customize your invoices exactly the way you want. Once approved, the new templates will immediately appear in your template assignment screen.

Project Status and Due Dates Dashboard Widgets: These additions to CORE’s project management capabilities give you even better visibility into your projects. With these new widgets, you get a clear picture of project or phase performance in terms of work in progress, what’s been billed and spent, open accounts receivable, and other important metrics. The due date widget provides an informative list of all the projects whose due dates are approaching.

Bank Feed Rules: CORE’s bank feeds, which already save you tons of time during the process of reconciling accounts, now have even more automations to make the process faster.

CORE allows you to create rules that automate the account, payee, or item assignment during the process of adding a feed. You can also create rules while adding a feed as a new transaction, and CORE will automate the behavior whenever there’s a feed that matches the rule criteria.

So go ahead, take a look and see how simple and fast it is for you to manage your firm!

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