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BQE CORE Update Alert: Smart Email Fields and More

BQE Core Update Alert: Smart Email Fields and More - BQE Software

We told you that more CORE updates were on their way, and we’re keeping our promise. There’s news to share about the CORE web application as well as its iOS and Android apps!

Version 1.1.13 of CORE’s web app now has…

1. Smart Fields for Email Settings: On both company- and user-level emails, you can now set up your subject and message fields to use smart placeholders. You can use these placeholders for information like a client’s name, an invoice number, or a date, and they will be automatically replaced with actual values when you send emails regarding invoices, reports, statements, and pay receipts. This way, you don’t need to spend any time looking up numbers and typing them in when you want to send an email.

2. Pay When Paid Feature: CORE will prompt you to settle your payables as soon as you receive payment for an invoice that has time or expense entries linked to an unpaid vendor bill. This automation makes keeping your AP up-to-date a piece of cake!

3. Time & Expense Line Item Support for Bank Feeds: You can now import bank feeds into CORE as time or expense entries. These entries are then logged as line items for check or credit card transactions, saving you the time it’d take to do data entry.

4. CSV Export for Reports: CORE now gives you the ability to export reports to a Microsoft Excel CSV format, so you can use the data for aggregation and charting in Excel. With this capability, you can get even more in-depth in your analysis of how to improve your firm.

As for CORE’s iOS app, watch out for these features...

1. Offline Data Access: We’ve added local persistence for master lists and other modules, which lets you access your data even when your device doesn’t have access to the internet. It’s a life-saver if you’re on a plane, in the subway, or anywhere else you might not be able to get online.

2. Autofill for Project & Item Codes: If you choose the time and expense option “Save & Add New” in your settings, every new time or expense entry you create will be automatically populated with the project or item code that you last used. Consequently, it’ll take you less time to add new entries, and the process will be more intuitive.

3. Visit-Tracking in Apple Maps: When you use CORE’s visit-tracking feature to automatically create time entries for you based on where you travel, you can now view your recorded trips in the Apple Maps app. This way, you can get a picture-perfect view of how CORE works with you to make your life easier.

CORE’s Android app is seeing the following updates…

1. Offline Data Access: This is the same update that the iOS app has, which allows you to access your data when your phone isn’t online.

2. Autofill for Project & Item Codes: Yep, same as above! Time and expense entries are even easier to do when new entries automatically have your last-used project and item codes.

3. Batch Actions: You can now take batch actions for both your contacts list and for project phases. This, of course, saves you time, especially when you’re working on a small screen.

That’s it—for now. We always have something in store to make running your business even easier, faster, and more profitable.

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