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How to use Mailchimp to Nurture Relationships with Your List

How to use Mailchimp to Nurture Relationships with Your List - BQE Software

In my previous post, I discussed how to get new subscribers all week long, without lifting a finger. This may have left you wondering about the primary tool used to accomplish all of this. This time I thought I would show you, how to use Mailchimp to nurture relationships with the people on your list.

I mentioned that I put a pop-up on my site, and invited people to give me their e-mail, in exchange for my video called, "How to Audit Your Company in QuickBooks Online." Once someone signs up for this, an automated process is triggered. First, they have to confirm their opt-in. Once they confirm, that they REALLY do want to receive e-mails from me, they get e-mail #1. E-mail #1 thanks them for opting in, and offers the link, where they can download the video.

On day # 2, my subscribers get e-mail # 2. Surprise! Here's another 12 minute video that covers how I create, and memorize the reports you'll need to use, as you go through this process.

E-mail #3 goes out a week later. It talks about the importance of training every day. This, of course, is self preserving, since training is a substantial part of what I do for a living. Nonetheless, it focuses on the value to them. Why is it important to train every day.

A while back I wrote a piece right here on, "The # 1 Problem with How Most People Learn Project Management Software." it focuses on the core issue. Most of us wait until the need arises, to train. My theory is that you will learn faster, when you aren't doing it under duress. This means that if you have set aside the time to learn every day (eg) two hours per day of reading, or watching videos, then you're in the habit. You'll learn a lot of tools, before the need arises, so that when it does, it's less stressful. When you do find you suddenly need to learn a new tool, your brain is trained for "learning mode." My theory is that when you're learning new things regularly, then much like training muscles at the gym, the mind can expand and grow much more easily.

So how about learning a new marketing tool, aimed at accomplishing what I outlined in my previous article, and again up above?

Let's look at how to use Mailchimp to Nurture Relationships with Your List.

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