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Top 3 Reasons Why Employees Need to Enter Their Own Time

Nov 6, 2014 | By Jenny Ouyang | 0 Comments

Topics: Timesheets, Time Tracking, Industry Insights, Payroll

No one wants to hear the dreaded question, "Have you turned in your timesheet?"

Whether you're an owner or a manager, don't you have better things to do with your time than hounding your employees to turn in a document that's mandatory if they want to get paid? Besides, there are several reasons why you should want your employees recording their own time instead:

  1. Save money

You're already paying your employee an hourly wage or a salary so why not have them perform their own timesheet data entry?

Payroll processing costs can run several thousands of dollars per year for a business with less than a dozen employees, to tens of thousands of dollars for businesses that are still considered "small" by the official government definition.

Even if you perform the payroll function in-house, you could cut out a portion of salary and wages by outsourcing a portion of payroll data entry to employees by using automated software.

  1. Discover your most profitable projects and clients

Rather than being scared about accurately recording billable time for fear of reprisal by management, employees should naturally want to be honest when reporting their time.

Treasure-troves of information are available from employees themselves on how they spend their time if you can get your workers excited about going into extreme detail on every minute they spend doing work. Having employees enter their own time is the best way to capture all this useful information!

And the benefit for you? Insightful management reports uncover your most profitable projects and clients, as well as let you know if there are any projects or clients you should consider parting ways with.

  1. Decrease the chance for errors

Processing payroll can be a three-person process: The employee fills out their timesheet; human resources compile all the timesheets; then accounting enters the data into their software to generate paychecks and tax forms.

Anywhere along this chain of command, an honest mistake - or even an intentional mistake, for that matter - could be made. In any case, you cannot afford to make silly mistakes.

Whether it's eliminating multiple points of contact or doing away with handwritten forms that could be illegible, having employees enter their own time into an automated software of your choice drastically reduces the chance for payroll processing errors.

Employees shouldn't have to fear being honest when recording work performed on the job. By encouraging your workers to enter their own time in as much detail as possible, you can look forward to saving money and learning who your most profitable customers are. Using an automated time tracking system such as BillQuick can also help with that goal.

It can take as little as a few minutes or even a few seconds for an employee to enter time in BillQuick. The software offers its popular Simple Time Card view for entering hours worked each day of the week. Or, if desired, Sheet View offers a more detailed spreadsheet style of time entry. All projects, activities and descriptions are pre-defined, easily selected and swiftly populated in the appropriate fields on the time sheet. Submitting a timesheet for approval by a supervisor/manager can be accomplished in three mouse-clicks or less.

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