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Increasing Profits and Productivity - How to Get Your Mind Mapped

Jun 9, 2014 | By Seth David | 0 Comments

Topics: Firm Operations

How do you organize your thoughts? How can you get your mind mapped? The idea of it is intriguing. All of your thoughts mapped out and organized in a way that makes sense to you today. I like to start by laying out all of the major areas of my life that are really important.

Even though we are focused on business here, we can’t ignore that there are other important areas of our lives. Then we can’t ignore how every area of our life impacts every other. If I am not well-balanced, then my work life suffers as does my personal life.

When it comes to organizing my mind map, I like to start by laying out these major areas of my life. This way I am starting from a place of balance. Let’s look at 6 major areas:

  • Body - physical goals
  • Brain - reading/learning
  • Being - meditation, relaxation
  • Time - organizational goals
  • People - goals concerning the most important people in your life
  • Money - financial goals

In the next week’s video, I am going to re-state my brain using these. For now the focus is on the areas that more directly impact our business lives.

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