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Increasing Profits and Productivity - Meditation and Balance

Jun 23, 2014 | By Seth David | 0 Comments

Topics: Firm Operations

Meditation is a productivity booster that is overlooked all too often. In this week’s video, I am adding an element to the mind map that includes this important area. I share a personal story with you about how it specifically helped me with anxiety that I was experiencing years back with a particular client I was working with. Meditation solved the problem, helped me sleep when I couldn't and nowadays when I stay in the practice of meditation, I can see a marked improvement in my productivity. Again, I invite you if you have any experience with this to please submit links to any resources as well as comments you may have.

Here's the resource we're creating (mind your pop-up blockers here).

This is another way of achieving balance. We get hung up in having to put in all of these hours to get everything done when in reality we are much more productive in the time that we DO work, if we achieve balance. People spend thousands of dollars to go on expensive vacations so they can “get away from it all” when all you really need to do is quiet your mind right where you are for 30 minutes. That’s all it takes is 30 minutes/day and I can promise you your productivity and even your whole life will improve dramatically. You will be more relaxed and, because of that, you will be better able to handle situations which would otherwise cause you stress.

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