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Increasing Profits and Productivity - Your Money and Your Life

The 6th area of our lives and the least important is 'Money'. We break this area up into two sections: personal and business. The business side of our financial lives feeds the personal. Accordingly, the proper way to look at things is to ask what does the financial picture look like on the personal side? Or maybe the better question is, “What do I want it to look like?”

We really should start there and then see what the business side needs to look like in order to satisfy our personal financial goals.

I’m going to go straight to the business side for our purpose right now and then we’ll come back to the personal. The idea here is to start with how much money you want to make over the next year and then, let’s say, how we want to double that number in the following year.

First, we set up the thoughts in our “brain” and then we can start working in Microsoft Excel.