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Every Drop Counts For a Good Cause

Every Drop Counts For a Good Cause - BQE Software

I admit it! I am a Matt Damon fan and that might have been what caught my attention initially. I am talking about his recent Support for Strike press conference (watch the surprisingly funny video above) about providing clean water and sanitation to the highly deprived areas of the world. Did you know that more people on earth have a cell phone than have access to a toilet? That over a billion people don’t have a way to flush away yesterday's meals? That more people die each year from unsafe water than from wars? Or that half of the world's hospital beds are occupied by patients suffering from diseases associated with lack of access to safe drinking water, inadequate sanitation or poor hygiene?, co-founded by Matt Damon, has been helping people get sustainable solutions for over twenty years. As for me, I have always been concerned about such issues, and frankly, this is the whole trifecta of concerns—children, environment and health. So when I came across one that involved all three, I just couldn’t ignore it—Matt Damon being involved or not!

Celebrities have a lot of power to do something useful and important for this world, not because of their money alone, but because of their influence over people. People listen to them. Thus they are in a better position to take a stand for a cause and popularize the concept, like Betty White has done with her crusade for animal rights. With power comes great responsibility, and I applaud those who realize that.

Now all this has inspired me to start my own fundraiser for the water cause, the deadline being (what better than) the World Water Day itself on March 22nd. The best part is that BQE believes so strongly in this cause that it is actually matching all employee contributions dollar-to-dollar—woo hoo!

Now here is what YOU can do! For only $25 can get someone safe water for life. We can make a difference in the world; we can help change someone's life. Believe me, we can! Click here to make it happen.

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