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Make Q1 the Start to a Profitable Year with Firm Management Software

Make this year the most profitable year yet with firm management software that provides dashboards, mobility, and more.

For most firms, it’s easy to say that work is busy. Having a lot of projects is great! But wouldn’t you like to be able to manage these projects with as little stress as possible? When your firm has too much work on their plate, and not the right tools to manage it, this can result in lower staff morale, increased stress, low quality of work, poor client service, and increased errors. Now is the time to make the right moves so that you’re setting your firm up for the most profitable year to come. And the first move that can help you see more profits than ever before is investing in firm management software.   

Firm management software is as critical as CAD/BIM software. The primary purpose of firm management software is to help you manage your back-office automation so you can better power front office insights. This makes firm management more agile, informed, and data-driven. All-in-one firm management software, such as BQE CORE, has numerous advantages. Combining project planning, resource management, finance and billing, team collaboration, time tracking and reporting, you can seamlessly manage projects from beginning to end.  

Project and Employee Profitability 

To see your project and employee profitability increase, you need to help your employees make better use of their time. If your employees are using multiple point solutions software, struggling with manual processes, or plucking away at complicated software, you’re never going to see the profitability you want. Instead, give your team the right tools that can really help them shine. The best way to do this is by getting an easy-to-use firm management platform that eliminates manual work and streamlines operations, so they have all the data they need when they need it.  

Now that you have all your data in one place with firm management software, you can easily delegate tasks and use document sharing features. Firm management software keeps your team members in the loop about even the smallest project details.  

Email and spreadsheets are frustrating to manage and trying to find important conversations can take forever. Firm management software prevents conversations from getting lost in email treads or Excel notes. Also, knowing who is meant to work on what eliminates confusion and encourages timely completion of tasks.  

When your team has all the information they need, it is now convenient to communicate with clients on status updates.  

For increased project and employee profitability, improve your team’s time and ability to get the work done. Firm management software helps improve time management by using features for time tracking, project management, creating Gantt charts, scheduling, analyzing data, creating automated reports, and so much more.  

Financial Budgeting and Invoicing 

Budgets are one of the most important items when it comes to controlling your projects. To move forward and see increased profitability, it all depends on how well you can deliver within the provided budget. Firm management software gives you the project management tools your firm needs to help control the budget from the initial statement of work to the final delivery.  

In the new year, stay on budget with the many benefits firm management software can provide, such as: 

  • Full view of financial performance at every level: company, client, project, phase, and staff.  

  • Ability to integrate business accounting with project accounting so project managers can be more accountable to the P&L. 

  • Simple, yet powerful accounting with a full general ledger so you can choose between cash, accrual and engagement-based accounting. 

  • Key data all in one easy place: profit & loss, financial reports, trial balance, and more.  

When it comes to financial budgeting, your time is valuable. Don’t waste another moment in the new year. Make sure you’re making the most of it with up-to-date reporting and efficient accounting procedures, so you stay on budget every time.  

High-Level Dashboards 

You want to see every detail of your projects to ensure you’re increasing your profitability. Firm management software with a high-level dashboard will let you do just that.  

Dashboards organize and display information so that it’s easy to read. They give you a snapshot to handle any situation through KPIs, valuable metrics, and action items all in real-time. Think of a firm management dashboard as what you use in your car. Every little detail about your car you need to know immediately is right there. Now think of going back in time with your car and not having that access anymore. You’d feel a little lost. This is the same with your project management dashboard. If you are not currently using one, you’re not getting a full look at your project’s profitability.  

A dashboard informs you not only about your projects, but also about your finances and staff performance. You can share dashboards between users or set it to private for a single user.  

BQE CORE lets you create an unlimited number of dashboards that you can customize the layout and share with your team. While you will have a default dashboard, you have the option of looking at any dashboard instantly to monitor the different aspects of your business.  

The more insight into your firm’s projects, the more insight into how to make this coming year the most profitable one yet.  


We live in a remote world now more than ever before. So as each new year approaches, you want to be as remote-friendly as possible. If all your data is stored in-office, and you have team members that are on job sites or working from home, accessing this information can slow a project’s process down immensely.  

Firm management software allows most of your data to be stored in one place, so your whole team can track project progress, see the due dates, onboard a new project, and work from any location. Other benefits include: 

  • Staying up-to-date with real-time notifications 

  • Submit and even approve workflows from your dashboard 

  • Track time and expenses

  • Create and send invoices 

  • Access mobile reports and performance screens 

  • View any KPI 

  • Upload photos of receipts to automatically file by tax and expense time 

Start Q1 Right with BQE CORE 

There’s never a bad time to implement firm management software, however buying new software in Q4 means you’re onboarded and ready to go in Q1. BQE CORE’s award-winning customer support is ready to help you see if firm management software is right for you. Try a free demo today and feel confident going into Q1 ready to make it your most profitable year yet.  


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