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The Power of Integrating BQE CORE and DesignPay

All of the CORE platforms features have been painstakingly designed to save clients time and boost their overall cash flow.

A forward-thinking and customer-centric business management platform, BQE CORE has received a wide range of awards over the past several years. It has built a reputation for providing technologically advanced operating systems with a fully customizable and highly competitive pricing structure that allows customers to pay for only the modules that they need. Among its other clients, BQE CORE has long maintained a concerted focus on meeting the specific needs of architects and engineers.

Now BQE CORE is providing its customers with even greater flexibility and convenience through a cohesive integration with the payment services provider DesignPay. Thanks to the DesignPay integration, BQE CORE customers can add secure payment processing to the full suite of management solutions that they already know and trust. DesignPay’s payment processing platform was designed specifically for architecture and engineering firms, allowing for a seamless assimilation with the existing BQE CORE system.

BQE and the CORE Platform

A dedicated partner of the American Institute of Architects and the American Society of Civil Engineers, BQE is a renowned leader in the field of business and operational software platforms. Since its formation in 1995, the company has grown to serve more than 400,000 clients, employ more than 200 people, and operate offices in North America, Asia, and Australia.

Although it is a global force that has improved the lives of roughly a half-million people all around the globe, BQE maintains the agility and focus of an emerging startup. Its company culture stresses the value of putting customers first and working closely with each client to come up with targeted solutions that further practical innovation.

Allowing clients to pick and choose the platform modules that meet their specific wants and needs, the BQE CORE platform has established itself as an industry innovator in terms of versatility and efficiency. Its various available features include: 

BQE CORE is equipped to handle the full range of contract types including fixed fee, hourly, value, recurring, unit cost, cost plus, and percentage. Its invoice capabilities give users the power to set up a schedule to automatically process recurring fee contract types and retainers with varying value based on billable time and expenses. 

BQE CORE also makes the most of digital technology by automatically sending invoices via email and allowing users to report expenditures by capturing paper receipt images through a proprietary mobile app. All of the CORE platforms features have been painstakingly designed to save clients time and boost their overall cash flow. 

The Payment Solutions of DesignPay 

Like BQE, DesignPay has a history of service in the architecture and engineering sectors. It understands that these sectors are unique and, therefore, require a unique approach to billing and payment processes. 

DesignPay specifically created its platform to make it easy for architecture and engineering business clients to securely pay individual firms via credit card or eCheck. Attracted by its industry-leading technology and its exceptional internet security and PCI compliance standards, well over 100,000 professionals currently use the DesignPay platform. 

Beyond its bank-grade data protection measures, DesignPay employs a user-friendly interface that allows for simple and seamless payment processes that are consistently convenient. 

The Benefits of BQE CORE’s DesignPay Integration 

The integration of the CORE and DesignPay platforms allows BQE architect and engineer clients to incorporate online payments into their existing workflow management systems. The integration also benefits new BQE clients who want to design a new system with online payment capabilities built-in from the start. 

Because DesignPay's online payment solutions were specifically designed for architecture and engineering firms, its software fits perfectly within the larger framework of the CORE management system. In short, the CORE and DesignPay integration allows architects and engineers to stop worrying about unpaid client invoices and concentrate fully on the design project at hand. Simply put, it is a great way to boost overall firm efficiency and increase incoming cash flow. 

Key benefits of the DesignPay integration for the average BQE CORE user include: 

  • Mobile payment services worldwide: Architecture and engineering administrators can accept online client payments outside of the office, whether they are at a project site or in the comfort of their own homes. 

  • Access to expert in-house support: Clients can contact a certified payment professional as needed to get assistance via email, telephone, or live chat. 

  • Custom payment pages: A firm can add links to personalize secure payment pages in terms of invoices, emails, and its official website. 

  • State-of-the-art security features: The CORE and DesignPay integration automatically protects sensitive client information using the latest in data encryption and advanced fraud protection. 

  • PCI Level 1-certified card vault: The enhanced security features of the CORE and DesignPay integration allows firms to safely store client payment details in DesignPay’s proprietary card vault in order to make future billing processes far easier and more efficient. 

  • Recurring payment capabilities: In addition to assessing one-time charges, firms can set up automatic recurring payments on a precise schedule. 

All told, the CORE and DesignPay integration allows BQE clients to leverage best-in-class payment technology to provide specialized online payments solutions that perfectly complement the uniquely targeted business management and workflow platforms of leading architecture and engineering firms. Find out exactly how the CORE and DesignPay integration can help drive your firm’s success in 2021 and beyond.


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