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Switching to New Firm Management Software: Questions and Concerns

Learn the answers to common concerns about switching firm management software such as how to migrate all of your data without losing important information.

As a firm owner, you’ve undoubtedly been here before: you’re looking at the clock, realizing how much time you’ve dedicated to your back-office processes. From sorting through frustrating spreadsheets to dealing with that software you’ve invested a lot of money in but still can’t quite get it to work the way you want it to. Not to mention all the errors you’ve had to correct already. All this wasted time could be spent working on delivering projects and seeing your profits rise. Instead, you feel like you’re always playing catch up every minute of the day.  

Many firm owners and project managers feel like this, yet they take forever to make the switch to firm management software that could solve these problems for good. Why is that? If you’ve considered switching to BQE CORE, but you have some hesitations, we understand. Here are some of the top reasons firms take a while to get new firm management software.  

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I have years’ worth of data; will I lose it all? 

Absolutely not. In fact, we’ll take care of transferring it all for you. 

This is probably one of the most common concerns we run across and for good reason. Most firms have years of data and if this gets lost in the switch to a new firm management system, it can be a massive problem.  

Luckily, BQE CORE has you covered.  

BQE CORE’s data system migration moves all your data seamlessly into the platform. This ensures no data is lost and helps you save time, so you don’t spend hours, or days, manually migrating all your data into a new platform.  

Whether your data is stored manually or on a different software platform, we can help you get everything you need added to BQE CORE. 

We have migrated hundreds of customers from various software products to BQE CORE. Our team has the ability to take the data from your current database and map it to the BQE CORE database. Our implementation team works with each firm to get this to happen before training. The process is generally quite straightforward.

I know my current process; will it be difficult to learn BQE CORE? 

Not at all.  

Whether your current process is manual or you’re using a different platform, making the switch to new firm management software can feel daunting when you already know your current process so well. No one wants to stop what they’re doing, no matter how error-prone the current process is, just to learn new software that may take weeks or months to fully onboard. That’s why a lot of firms stay in “bad relationships” with their current process. They know their current process is causing errors and slowing them down, but they’re used to it and change is scary.  

BQE CORE makes it easy to onboard quickly and learn how to use the platform so you can start working immediately. Our award-winning customer support ensures that you’re easily set up and guided through BQE CORE’s user-friendly features from the moment you sign on. We make sure you and your team feel confident using BQE CORE so your transition is smooth, and you can get back to work without delay.  

From there, our 24/7 support team is available to help you with any questions and our live and on-demand customer training webinars are designed to help you learn all there is to know about BQE CORE, so you never feel in the dark.  

My manual process is free, why should I pay for BQE CORE? 

Your manual process might not cost anything, but what about your time? How valuable is your time and having the ability to produce error-free work?  

Manual processes are time-consuming and lead to a lot of headaches. Constantly double-checking for errors and redoing data that was input incorrectly eats up valuable time that could be spent focusing on projects. Excel spreadsheets are popular yet notoriously difficult since they lack automation, customization, and the collaboration that firm management software provides. There comes a time when the money spent on a tool that can cut back on hours, even days, of admin work so you can put more time and effort into projects far outweighs any “free”, yet tedious processes.  

I’m a small firm, is BQE CORE still for me? 


BQE CORE is designed for small and mid-sized firms. We have many sole proprietors and firms under five using the platform. BQE CORE doesn’t need to be adapted to work for a small firm differently. Consider it like your CAD/BIM software. A micro firm and a large firm might be using the exact same software to design and document the project. What they design will differ and perhaps the depth to which they use the tools might vary, but the underlying technology brings value to firms of all sizes. This holds true for your CAD/BIM software as well as with your Management/Accounting software.  

I spent so much money on my current process, why should I switch to something new? 

We mentioned above that sometimes you get into a “bad relationship” with your current process and feel like you’ve put in so much time, money, and effort, it’s not worth it to move on. Might as well stick it out. Just like a bad relationship, this isn’t helping you reach your full potential.  

You may have put a lot of money into your current process, but if you’re not getting your money’s worth, don’t waste another cent and get out now. The sooner you stop throwing away money on a process that isn’t giving you full satisfaction, the sooner you can move onto BQE CORE and start seeing results quickly. With BQE CORE, you’ll get a return on your investment.  

BQE CORE’s automated all-in-one dashboard provides: 

  • Project management 

  • Time and expense tracking 

  • Billing and invoicing 

  • Reporting and analytics 

  • HR

  • Project accounting 

  • And much more

It’s time to put your money to good use on an all-in-one tool that’s easy-to-use and gives you the results you're looking for. Unlike other software, with BQE CORE, you’ll realize quickly that it pays for itself.  

It’s Time to Make the Switch to BQE CORE 

BQE CORE is designed by A/E professionals to help firms like yours master their projects efficiently. If you’re spending too much time on tedious admin tasks through your manual or outdated software processes, it’s difficult to ever reach your profitability goals.  

BQE CORE’s easy data migration system will ensure that every piece of data you have is seamlessly merged into BQE CORE and ready for you to begin working. Our award-winning customer support team and valuable resources will help you quickly learn how to use BQE CORE so you can get started right away.  

Whether you’re a back-office of many, or a back-office of one, you’ll find your investment in BQE CORE brings you the success and ease of mind you need to run a profitable firm.  

Try a free demo today to see just how much of a game changer BQE CORE can be for your firm. 


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