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How to Overcome Your Fears Around New Technology

You probably get plenty of emails and phone calls day trying to sell you something or tell you about how they can improve your processes

You probably get plenty of emails and phone calls everyday from people trying to sell you something or tell you about how they can improve your processes. And your answer is, “I’m too busy.” You already feel overwhelmed and have a mountain of work, so how can you possibly slow down to look at a better way? Be honest, rushing doesn’t make us faster or more productive; it increases stress and distracts us from our goal. We need creativity, effectiveness, and focus.

Not only are you too busy, but you might also have fears developed from a previous bad experience that are holding you back from moving forward with new technology. Unfortunately, you're not the only one who has experienced a bad implementation. Here are 16 famous implementation disasters.

"It's not the winning that teaches you how to be resilient. It's the setback. It's the loss." - Beth Brooke

2 Main Fears Around Implementing New Technology

  1. You're too busy and you would have to stop what you're doing. 

  2. Possibly had a previous bad experience and you're thinking “Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.”

Let’s break them down.

I’m Too Busy for Change.

Most people who feel this way know there is a better way, but they get stuck in a vicious cycle of always playing catch up. The truth is we do need to slow down for a second before we can ever get out of this endless loop.

You can’t always keep doing multiple things at once. As a Russian Proverb explains, “If you chase two rabbits, you will catch neither one.”

The key is to slow things down, and by doing this, create a better outcome for now and the future.

“Despite all this rushing around, we don’t seem to be accomplishing anything extra. Instead, we expose ourselves to more tasks and ideas that we pay less attention to.” Read the rest of the article by Medium, about The Importance of Slowing Down.

Making sure you have the right mindset is the key to achieving the outcomes you want. You already know the pain of the current way. Know that the overall goal is being most efficient and getting the best results. Which means taking the time and dedication to fully commit to the process you’ve started.

Think of the best dish you've ever had. Was it rushed or was it slowly crafted and prepared?

I’ve Been Burned Before.

Switching to and implementing a new way requires downtime. That in itself is scary. You don’t know how much downtime is needed. Or maybe, you remember the last implementation you did. It was a nightmare and you swore that you’d never do this again.

Guess what? It doesn’t have to be scary.

Don’t let one bad implementation hold you back from improving.

A good implementation should be laid out and structured, so you know what to expect. Once your exceptions and understanding are laid out, you can adjust and delegate accordingly.

Let’s Focus on Implementation

Here are some key things to look for in a good implementation:

  • An implementation team from the vendor side

  • A timeline with expectations and required resources

  • Structured and defined

  • Available training programs to assist with onboarding

According to an article by Financial Management, “Best practices to implement a new business system,” there are a few other considerations as well:

  • Costs vs. benefits: implementation costs and user license fees, as well as post-go-live support.

  • Whether the server is on-premise or in the cloud.

  • Cybersecurity

  • Data security and data privacy

  • Business continuity

BQE CORE Removes Your Technology Fears

Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a whole team at your disposal to adopt and integrate new technology and software successfully. You also don't need to hire an additional developer or IT person to integrate new technology successfully. I am proud and excited to tell you that BQE CORE has a world-class implementation process. Our implementation kits gets you setup, trained, and provides consulting all rolled into one. We offer four different packages so you can find just what you need to use CORE to its fullest potential. Check out our implementation kits here.

Interested in future-proofing your company? Check out our Free Trial of BQE CORE to find out more on how we can help your company with an all-in-one system designed to manage projects and budgets, billable hours and invoices, and everything you need to speed up productivity while increasing profitability for your firm.

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