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The Secret to Reducing Your HR Admin Load

HR management software

Managers spend nearly two days a week on unnecessary administrative tasks that are not core to their jobs, according to Today’s State of Work: The Productivity Drain, a new report from ServiceNow.

Repetitive and routine administrative HR tasks take time away from what’s important: the strategic growth of your organization and the development of your people.

Core’s latest HR software release is everything you need to free up your admin load and boost business productivity. 95% of users said Core HR cut hours of their time spent on paperwork, leaving more time for meaningful activities, such as management and mentorship.

Core’s cloud-based HR software automates functions such as:

  • Benefit management - Your employees will always know where they stand
  • Paid time-off balance - No more excel calculations, Core HR does the work for you
  • Salary history tracking - Stay competitive with accurate compensation management
  • Employee incidents and milestones - Maintain compliance and retain top talent
  • Customizable performance reviews - Rate your employees your way

The software stores all of your critical compliance records and HR paperwork in one secure, convenient digital location, so your organization can stay consistent and compliant from onboarding to termination.

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Make HR management simple and stress-free with Core HR. Learn more by clicking here.