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Technological Darwinism: Why Engineers Need Modern Software To Survive

Engineering firms have a choice: adapt by adopting new software or get left behind by those who do.

As technology continues advancing at the speed of light, we are left with the fight or flight decision to adapt with it or be left in the dust with rotary phones and dial-up internet.

While the changes driven by evolving technology can be seen in every industry, the engineering world in particular finds itself torn between two worlds: traditional and modern.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, architecture and engineering employment is on the rise from 2016, expected to grow in total 7% until 2026. With that elevation will come the need to advance all systems and operations as well.

For years, modern tech has seemingly undervalued the "traditional" engineer. This is the professional that likes to get their hands dirty, sticks to their guns and uses their acute physical senses to problem-solve. After all, things like CAD and business management platforms have only come into the picture recently. The notion of standing by what you know is instinctual, but what happens when it causes profit-draining problems?

Plain and simple, we are now living in a data-driven world with no chance of turning back. In order to excel we must adapt - but what does "adapt" mean exactly? Glad you asked!

Strong engineering firms need the right resources, like our CORE platform for example, to effectively organize their projects, budgets and scheduling. Each department will suffer when intelligent organization is swept under the rug. Particular symptoms of these pain points include:

  • Project managers have a difficult time allocating the right resources to their teams
  • Accounting/Billing gets stifled with manual entries, timecards, and delayed invoices
  • Poor company health because there isn’t easy business insights and KPI’s for high-level decision making

Sound familiar? These are common issues faced by the A/E/C industry as a whole, but the reason we love what we do here at BQE is because we provide viable solutions for all engineers, architects, accountants and their teams so they can focus their undivided attention on critical tasks.

Whether you're traditional or modern, a large global firm or a new shop just taking off, one thing is certain across the board: the will to survive. With the help of innovative business software like CORE, your business will survive and thrive.

Learn more about CORE here.

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